Autocon Winter Drive 2013 & Paul Walker's Car Collection

Cali Tuners including the late Fast and Furious star gather to donate toys to the lesser fortunate

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Autocon Winter Drive Charity Details:

  • Held at Always Evolving in Valencia, CA
  • 4-5 pallets of toys collected that day
  • Leapfrog donates 5,000 PCs
  • Inside look at Paul Walker's personal car collection

The magical season of consumerism is in the air and while it can be a very occupying time everybody should make a point to slow down. In efforts to provide for the less fortunate, Autocon partnered with Purist Group and Reach Out Worldwide to host the Winter Drive: Charity Toy Drive and Automotive Social Gathering. It wasn't your typical SoCal car show with hot weather, rather a cool crisp day in Valencia, CA.

Tuners from all around gathered at Always Evolving Performance and brought unwrapped toys for the kids. The quality of cars was no slack either; we're talking NSXs, Skylines, Supras, you name it. It's very unfortunate to report that it was also the last event that actor/humanitarian Paul Walker attended before his death.

"The turnout was truly amazing! People from all walks of the automotive world joined on this event for a good cause," says Justin Fong President of Autocon. "People from all walks of the automotive world joined on this event for a good cause. On the day of the event we were able to collect about 4-5 pallets full of toys."

Additionally, Leapfrog, which produces educational computers donated 5,000 units. The result is a whopping $150,000 worth of toys which wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of Sean Lee from Purist Group.

Always Evolving opened Paul Walker's personal collection of cars to the public that day and included everything from Euro, American Muscle, and JDM. Rows of cars that were two stacks high filled the room. One look at his collection and you can tell how much of a car guy Paul Walker was. But there were two particular white cars that stopped us in our tracks: a pristine Toyota Supra MKIV and a Nissan Skyline. With the insanely strict California street laws, spotting a Nissan Skyline let alone an R34 is truly an amazing sight.

"It was a beautiful day for sure. Everyone had respect for each other and having a good time," says Justin Fong.

It was a day of mixed emotions with the successful charity drive and the deaths of two very good men. Paul Walker was a man who was always giving, a true role model for the season and to live by.

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Javier Torres
Javier Torres

pintalo asi carnal el tuyo acavo le da un paresido

Codi Kingery
Codi Kingery

Those wheels... cant tell if i like em or not. Anyone got any info on em?

Rene Viniegra
Rene Viniegra

Thanks @importtuner see you guys this Saturday

Nicole  Guan
Nicole Guan

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Chris Gosda
Chris Gosda

with the kit i thought it was a z at first

Carlos Medrano
Carlos Medrano

The homie Rene's Subaru brz not Toyota not a 370

Brian Abington
Brian Abington

I personally feel that body mods need to look like they could of come from the factory or like a race prepped car. This is both.

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