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9K Racing - Life Is Too Short to Not Party Hard 2014

A car meet and party held at 9K Racing's headquarters

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9K Racing Event Details:

  • Held in Covina, California
  • Must be 21 years of age to enter
  • NSXs, GTRs, Supras attend
  • First vehicle spotlight featuring

9K Racing is a shop located in Covina, CA that sells your basic engine mods such as exhaust, intake components, radiators, body kits, shift knobs and suspension. They also make really cool rear diffusers and custom hood vents. Every year 9K Racing founder Joey Grande and his staff throw a huge party and car meet called the "Life is Too Short to Not Party Hard." Yes, that's the actual name of the event.

Parking in the designated event area was strictly for show cars and food trucks only. Surrounding business parking lots quickly filled up and eventually cars flowed through sidewalks for blocks. To keep it an organized event the entryway was located at the back access is only granted to those 21 or over.

There wasn't much to see after first entering, but when we made our way around the corner to the front of the actual garage things got interesting. A row of Toyota Supras to the left and a mix of well put together cars on the right. One of them included our good friend John Marinas' recently purchased Nissan GT-R. Being a supercar off the sales floor, John is aiming for the newest Rocket Bunny kit by Kei Miura. But for now it has a Meisterschaft titanium exhaust kit and the Zele body kit. Another cool car was John Sacket's blue Nissan 370Z which has unique fenders that closely resemble something out of the Ben Sopra GT-R.

We wanted to try something different this year: Each meet or show attended I will choose a worthy ride for an exclusive web feature. For our first vehicle spotlight I chose Chris Mejia's Nissan 350Z. Here is a list of its existing goodies. This year his goal is to be in SEMA and give his Z some forced induction.

Seibon vented carbon fiber hood
Nismo V.2 front bumper with canards
Carbon Creations side splitters
OEM Nismo V.3 rear bumper
Carbon fiber roof spoiler
APR GTC-300 spoiler

Recaro SRD Seats
Red suede headliner
Nrg short hub and quick release
Momo "Drifting" limited wheel
Carbon fiber accents
Sony head unit and subwoofer

Volk te37sl in f-zero blue 19x9.5 +12 19x10.5 +12
Bf Goodrich g-force t/a KDW

Fortune Auto 500 coilovers
Ichiba rear toe arms
Ichiba rear camber arms
Brembo front brake calipers
Slotted and drilled rotors

AEM intakes
Mishimoto radiator and carbon fiber cap
Mishimoto slim fans
Cusco cooling panel
Invidia dual exhaust

See you at the next SoCal show!

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Young Chun
Young Chun

Love the Z, but this one is a bit ricey with the wing and yellow blinkers and fart cans...

Chris Moo
Chris Moo

@import tuner thanks for the love!

James Chun
James Chun

Can afford volks but cheaps out on catback lolll

Mikey Traverzo
Mikey Traverzo

Take that wing off no leave it the way it was smh

George Lopez
George Lopez

You could say you want a different rear bumper, color reverse lights wheels size, wing what ever. Either way this car is so sick.

J. Daril Rosado
J. Daril Rosado

Que tu crees si le meto este bumper tambien!! ? Luis E. Colón Ortiz Edwin O Ortiz

Alyson Duclos
Alyson Duclos

Bailey D Green Okay, okay, these do look good. I was thinking of another blue color in my mind lol

Bailey D Green
Bailey D Green

Alyson Duclos you dont think the blue wheels will look good?

Import Tuner