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FR Shootout 2013: Full Story

Rear-wheel-drive tuners face off at Willow Springs Raceway

Text By , Photography by Henry Z. De Kuyper,

NA Final Results

1st NA Class
5th Overall

EVS S2000 Street Version
2004 Honda S2000 (AP2)

Best Lap: 1:25.681

Owner: Robert Walker

Driver: Robert Walker

Output: 204 hp, 142 lb-ft (Evasive Dyno)

Engine: K&N OEM intake filter replacement; Mugen Header; EVS Tuning 70-SSP exhaust

Drivetrain: Kazz 1.5-way limited-slip differential; EVS differential collars

Suspension: EVS Spec. Eibach Multi-Pro R2 coilovers (16 kg/mm), Eibach sway bars; J's Racing S1 camber joint with RCA (front); Mugen suspension bushings; Spoon RCA (rear); custom alignment by Evasive Motorsports

Aero: Voltex S2000 Aero Street Kit, Type 1 Wing; Downforce fenders; Mugen hardtop; Craftsquare mirrors; Seibon carbon-fiber trunk

Brakes: Spoon Calipers with OEM rotors (front), factory calipers (rear); Project Mu Club Racer pads, G-Four 335 brake fluid

Wheels: 18x9.5+ 35 offset Volk RE30 Club Sport, EVS Tuning "Super Lap" Racing Lug Nuts

Tires: 255/35-18 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "We've made small changes to the car since last year's competition, which includes the front bumper upgraded to the Voltex Street version. The process involves removing the lower half of the street version and installing the lip/splitter, which can be purchased separately from Voltex. It's a great upgrade path for those who have the street version, as it is significantly more economical than buying a new bumper. Everything else has remained the same to last year's configuration."

2nd NA Class
7th Overall

Go Spoon Racing
2002 Honda S2000 (AP1)

Best Lap: 1:27.681

Owner: Go Tuning Unlimited

Driver: Daijiro Yoshihara

Output: 240 hp/160 lb-ft

Engine Modifications: F22C engine swap; Spoon baffled oil pan, carbon plug cover, yellow head cover, throttle body, air cleaner, 421 exhaust manifold, aluminum radiator, thermostat, fan switch, oil filter cap, radiator cap, radiator hose set, engine transmission mount kit, fresh air duct, magnetic drain bolt set, reservoir covers, N1 muffler kit; ASM oil catch tank, radiator overflow tank

Drivetrain/Transmission: Spoon flywheel, clutch disc, clutch cover, release bearing, final gearset, clutch slave hose, differential mount set

Suspension: Spoon Full Spec Damper Kit, center brace bar, crossbeam bar (front/rear), subframe rigid collar set, steering rigid collar, zero bumpsteer kit, offset ball joint, control arm kit (rear), strut tower bar

Aero: Spoon S-Tai Bonnet, wide fenders (front/rear), S-Tai front bumper, S-Tai front bumper grille, S-Tai rear bumper, S-Tai carbon rear diffuser, aero mirrors, wiper blade set, 3D GT wing, wheel nuts, short antenna; Mugen dry carbon hardtop

Brakes: Spoon brake hose set, mono-block calipers (front/rear), big-brake rotors (front/rear), brake pads

Wheels: 17x9 +45 offset non-staggered

Tires: 255/40-17 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "The car was built to showcase the Spoon S2000 catalog in a daily driven car. We swapped in a F22C 2.2L engine using a factory AP2 ECU for daily reliability. By using the entire Spoon S2000 catalog of parts, we are demonstrating how these parts can be durable and comfortable enough for daily street use but still perform well on track. Spoon's philosophy is to 'build up small elements'. Parts are designed to be small improvements over factory components in order to improve performance without sacrificing factory reliability and comfort."

3rd NA Class
10th Overall

Corner3 Garage
2012 Nissan 370Z

Best Lap: 1:29.365

Owner: Martin Choi

Driver: Martin Choi

Output: 350 hp /300 lb-ft

Engine Modifications: VQ37VHR, Stillen Gen3 long-tube intake; ARK DT-S exhaust; Momentum headers, Setrab 34-row oil cooler, power steering cooler

Drivetrain/Transmission: OEM six-speed, OS Giken 1.5-way LSD

Suspension: JRZ RS PRO coilovers, Whiteline sway bar (front/rear), SPL Pro suspension, front lower arm bushings, front impact bushings, rear camber links, rear traction links, knuckle mono-ball bushings, sway bar endlinks, solid subframe bushings, differential bushings

Aero: Stillen front bumper, Seibon TS carbon-fiber hood, and NSM spoiler

Brakes: Project Mu Club Racer brake pads, G-Four brake fluid, SS Brake Lines

Wheels: 18x10.5 +30 offset Enkei Nt03

Tires: 295/35-18 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "Used primarily as my daily driver, the 370Z also serves as my weekend race car and has racked up numerous trophies over the past year. While the modifications to the car seem relatively minor, we concentrated on building a track car that handled well without the aid of big power."

4th NA Class
13th Overall

Shu Racing
2005 Honda S2000 (AP2)

Best Lap: 1:30.124

Owner: Shu Yamawaki

Driver: Shu Yamawaki

Output: 240 hp/170 lb-ft

Engine Modifications: Mugen intake; Toda header; EVS 70-SSP exhaust

Drivetrain/Transmission: OS-Giken Super Single Clutch; Cusco RS LSD

Suspension: Tein SRC Evasive Motorsports Spec

Aero: Spoon Sport front bumper; Voltex GT-wing; Evasive custom splitter, front diffuser

Brakes: Brembo GT big brake kit

Wheels: 17x9 +35 offset Volk Racing CE28

Tires: 255/40/17 Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "This is my second S2000. I have been building this car for track use, but it's still capable to drive on the street. It has taken three years to build and it's finally close to complete. Working at Tein USA in the R&D department allows me to spend countless time at various tracks to dial in my car with minimum modification. Big thanks to all of the Evasive crew, my wife, and all of the people who continues to keep me motivated and those I have met at the track!"

5th NA Class
14th Overall

2008 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast Model

Best Lap: 1:32.987

Owner: Brad Van Every

Driver: Brad Van Every

Output: 305 hp/ 278 lb-ft

Engine Modifications: Stock engine; JWT flywheel; Nismo catback exhaust

Drivetrain/Transmission: ZSpeed concentric slave cylinder upgrade; Wilwood clutch master cylinder

Suspension: Ohlins Road and Track coilovers; Whiteline sway bars (front and rear), sway bar endlinks, adjustable rear camber arms; polyurethane bushing kit

Aero: Skullworks front lip, side skirts

Brakes: 370Z Akebono brakes; Winmax performance pads; DBA two-piece front rotors

Wheels: 19x9 (front) and 19x10 (rear) AME Performance

Tires: 255/35-19 (front) 275/35-19 (rear) Continental Extreme Contact DW

Vehicle History: "I purchased my Z in February of 2011 after months of searching for a clean '07 or '08 Enthusiast model. The car was purchased with the intended purpose of a daily driver and mild track use. The first track day with the car revealed the need for several upgrades. The first need was brakes. The factory slider calipers suffered from the large amount of heat generated from rapidly slowing such a heavy vehicle. Several combinations of pads and rotors were tried, but none of them were durable enough to survive the abuse. This led to the 370Z Akebono upgrade complete with DBA two-piece rotors up front. The 14-inch front and 13.8-inch rear rotors provide enough thermal capacity to provide the longevity and endurance that a heavy sport car requires. The aluminum rotor hat of the DBA rotors is also hoped to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the hubs, extending their life and reliability.

"When purchased, the car was already equipped with a set of adjustable ride height coilovers. Inspection of the coilovers revealed that the rear dampers were blown. While they could have been rebuilt, I opted to choose a coilover that would provide good ride comfort on the street, but still behave nicely on rack. The Ohlins Road and Track setup fit the bill nicely. Combined with all-new poly bushings to minimize changes in suspension geometry under heavy load, the Z now performs quite nicely around a circuit and still maintains a decent ride on the street."

Continental Tires
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Grant Fritz
Grant Fritz

Amie Magruder, this spoiler would look dope on your car!

Aidan Lacombe
Aidan Lacombe

I love willow springs. Esp streets of willow.

Malik Ali
Malik Ali

like the best page for cars and bikes --- > The Beast Lovers

Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia

Congrats Will I'm going to have my.bro get a copy and have you sign it for me. :-)

Andy Lu
Andy Lu

One lap to warm up the tires, and a hot lap is all it takes to win. lol Good job!

Linda Collins
Linda Collins

my car from the show burn notice is still cooler

Daniel Young
Daniel Young

Will Wattanawongkiri made import tuner. Heck yeah thats awesome. Keep on working hard Will.

Alex Saroeun
Alex Saroeun

WWR Will Wattanawongkiri Racing Will Wattanawongkiri

Vince Paquet
Vince Paquet

Hope there's a RB30DETT or a Chevy LSX 454R

Ovidiu Croitoru
Ovidiu Croitoru

omffggg c koi ses roues la Mark Jacob Karl Guillaume non c pas des te37..

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