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HKS Premium Day In FSW 2014

Motorsports Celebration

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Celebrating over 40 years of motorsports performance, Japan's premier car tuning parts manufacturer, HKS Japan, treated their Pro Dealers and die-hard fans to a day filled with every conceivable motorsports imaginable once again. This year's HKS Premium Day was held at Fuji International Speedway in Shizuoka, Japan. From Time-Attack to drifting seminars, the event offered spectators plenty of things to do and see. While the event showcases a plethora of tarmac racing, its main purpose is to celebrate HKS and offer a glimpse into their latest and greatest products as well as soon-to-be-released prototype technology.

Hiper Challenge

Even before the HKS Premium Day opening ceremony kicked off, sweet sounds of engines roaring to life echoed throughout the main Fuji course as the Hiper Challenge event began bright and early at 9. The Hiper Challenge event offered HKS customers an opportunity to time-attack the famous Fuji Speedway in their personal vehicles in an attempt to log the fastest time of the day. Over 80 cars took to the track in three driver run groups, split up into two groups for a total of four run sessions. The Skyline GT-Rs dominated in all three divisions with Auto Select taking both Group B and C, while Naoto Ito in the Piste BNR32 ran the fastest with a lap time of 1:48.945 in Group A.

Option Fuji Super Lap

Among the participants running in the Option Fuji Super Lap Time-Attack event was a large number of GT-Rs, ranging from the older Skyline R32s to the newer R35s. The host of the event, HKS unveiled their R35 GT1000+ to attack the Fuji track under the professional driving of Taniguchi "NOB" Nobuteru. Developed to deliver over 1,000 whp, the GT1000+ was able to smash the official Fuji Time-Attack course record that coincidently Taniguchi and HKS held the previous year.

Japan's top tuners brought their street/race-prepped cars to try and clock their best times in front of the Option magazine camera crew. Entrants included HKS Technical Factory, Top Fuel, Auto Select, Top Secret, Garage G-Force, Ito Garage, Esprit, and Screen Racing, to name a few. The Top 10 fastest times were all within seconds of each other, but it was the Top Fuel Honda S2000, driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi, clocking in a blistering time of 1:40.195-a full 6 seconds faster than its previous best lap time recorded in 2013. Eiji "Tarzan" Yamada is no stranger to the Time-Attack scene; he took First Place in the 86/BRZ competition with the Esprit machine and a 1:51.885-second lap time. The 86/BRZ Challenge was another competitive race that was jam-packed with modified tuner cars and shops from across Japan.

Option Fuji Super Lap Time-Attack Results

Shop Driver Car Model Best Time (2013) Best Time (2014)
Top Fuel Taniguchi Nobuteru AP1 1'46 .382 1'40 .195
ATTKD Autech Mitsuhiro Kinoshita BNR32 1'41 .777
Esprit Eiji Yamada NA1 1'43 .041 1'43 .039
Garage Ito IIri Hiroyuki BNR34 1'43 .847 1'43 .365
HKS Technical Factory Taniguchi Nobuteru R35 1'45 .269 1'44 .051
Top Secret Yasushi Kikuchi R35 1'45 .938 1'44 .731
Pan Speed Kota Sasaki SE3P/FD3S 1'47 .765 1'44 .983
ProShop Fukuoh Tatsuya Kataoka FD3S 1'53 .462 1'47 .647
Power House Amuse Tatsuya Kataoka R35 1'47 .763
Saurus Manabe Hideki BNR32 1'49 .053

86/BRZ Challenge Results

Shop Driver Car Model Best Time
Esprit Eiji Yamada ZN6 1'51 .885
HKS Taniguchi Nobuteru ZN6 1'52 .007
Original run Deuce Yasushi Kikuchi ZN6 1'55 .763

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