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Throwback Thursday – Drift Showoff Exhibition 2003 Gallery

Stroll down memory lane

Text By Rodrez, Photography by Rodrez

Depending on your age, 11 years might seem like a lifetime ago. For others, it might feel a little different; perhaps your memory is better than most, and you can recall everything that happened just over a decade ago. For myself, I’m somewhere in the middle. When it comes to anything car-related, I can usually keep my dates and events pretty straight and when I fired up an old hard drive and found these Drift Showoff Exhibition 2003 photos, I immediately remembered what, when and where.

The “what” happened to be my introduction to drifting. I’d seen a number of videos and drooled over some of the drift cars of Japan, but never had I actually seen it in person. While I’ll admit that I’m not the biggest fan, it was something brand new and I was excited to see it up close. Import Showoff Mainstream Productions organized a car show and drift exhibition at Irwindale Speedway and I made my way up from San Diego to check it out.

Now, at this time I wasn’t involved in this industry and I certainly didn’t know anything about photography, which should be painfully apparent by the crappy photos provided. In fact, I distinctly remember my roommate at that time handing me his digital camera, an old Canon S200 point and shoot, and telling me to bring back some pictures and I had absolutely no idea how to turn it on or how I was going to “develop” the photos. I did manage to figure it out eventually and snapped some pictures of the display area with the whopping 2mp camera.

By Rodrez
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