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Flashback Friday - TORC Toyotafest 2007

Annual owners club event never fails to draw top notch, old-school builds

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TORC Toyotafest 2007 Details:

  • May 12th, Queen Mary Events Park, Long Beach, CA | 12th annual edition
  • 100s of OEM restoration, mildly modded, full blown restomods & racers
  • Event has grown to include Lexus and Scion

Every year, the Toyota Owners And Restorer's Club, or TORC as it's known informally, throws a mega-meet on the waterfront at the Queen Mary Events Park in Long Beach, Calif. - Toyotafest. As one might imagine, TORC, which was established in 1995, is faithfully dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of Toyotas, especially those pre-model year 1985. Today the carmaker's branches extend beyond its marquee brand, and TORC Toyotafest has itself grown to include the Lexus crowd and even Scion enthusiasts - but the event's calling card always seems to be top notch, old-school chassis.

Having this year just completed its 19th annual event, it's safe to say that TORC Toyotafest events aren't going away. Growing exponentially over the years, the show is always worth a visit. The entire park - and these days the parking lot as well, as is often the case at the best of car shows - is covered with incredible builds that include OEM restoration, mildly modded, and full blown restomods, with engine swaps and custom bits as far as the eye can see. If you're a general car fanatic and have never attended, I highly recommend you make the trip. If you're a die-hard Toyota fan, you're required to attend TORC Toyotafest; it's in your DNA. You should do whatever you have to in order to make the next one. You won't be disappointed.


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