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Nissan GT Academy 2014 - 370Z Autocross & Gamer Showdown

Season 4 of Gran Turismo gamer-to-racer series kicks off in MetLife Stadium and Times Square

Text By Jonathan Hwang, Photography by Jonathan Hwang

Nissan GT Academy 2014 Details:

  • Nissan w/Gran Turismo gives 32 gamers opportunity to become a pro racer
  • Documented for Spike reality TV show | 4th season began shooting in NY area
  • Autocross in Nismo 370Z at MetLife Stadium | Virtual competition held in Times Square
  • Show begins airing on November 7th

Remember when you were younger and you'd play Gran Turismo and think to yourself, "Man, if I could just drive around all day, my life would be set." Well, that's what's happening right now for a fourth time in the USA.

Nissan Motorsports, in conjunction with Gran Turismo, has given 32 skilled gamers the opportunity to make that dream a reality by going from gamer to professional racer where the last man standing earns his spot on the Nissan Motorsports race team. In July, we had the chance to cover the start of Nissan GT Academy for its fourth season in New York City.

The first day, the competitors were brought to MetLife Stadium on the outskirts of Manhattan to compete in the autocross component of the competition in 2014 Nissan 370Zs - NISMO edition, of course. Competitors were brought out from all over the nation like Kansas, Maryland, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, California, and other states. Some of the competitors have had experience before with racing with cars and karts and it showed in their driving. With proper instruction, most of the drivers got the bulk of the basics down pretty well.

Spirits were high and filled with excitement as each driver got behind the wheel of Nissan's beautifully crafted sport-tuned coupe. The aggressive, low-slung front fascia, along with the rest of the aero package, RAYS wheels, as well as other NISMO parts like the upgraded suspension, engine, brakes, and exhaust make this car a blast to drive and stay balanced while doing it.

The second day was set in Times Square in the middle of Manhattan for the virtual racing component. Emotions ran high and stress began to build up because after this day, 20 people would be going back home, with two people on standby as alternatives, leaving the rest of the competition with the top 12 racers.

Stay tuned for this season of Nissan GT Academy and watch as one lucky racer sees his dreams come to reality. The show will begin airing on November 7th on Spike with MTV2, Hulu, and YouTube airing the series at later dates.

By Jonathan Hwang
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