Import Faceoff Pwns Feb - 411

If you think your months are busy, consider Import Faceoff’s: throwing a rendition of our favorite show/drag race brouhaha in a new U.S. city nearly every weekend, most recently in the South and southern Midwest. Highlights:

San Antonio’s Max Ramos and his purple Civic coupe took the top-flight FWD honors by winning the Outlaw class (72mm maximum turbo size; 26-inch maximum slick size) in Belle Rose, LA, with a 9.48 @ 161 mph—mostly because that’s damn fast, but partly because no one else would race him.

Forced Induction Pro—a class usually dominated by big-power Supras—was upset twice by FWD racers, first by local racer Jon Nguyen and his Civic hatch with a 10.01 @ 141 mph—also in Belle Rose—and then the following week in Tucson, AZ, where Javier Sosa from Phoenix, AZ, ran a 10.267 @ 131.50 mph in his ’92 Honda Civic to take the underdog win against Nick Caffarel in his RWD ’71 Datsun running a 10.644 @ 132.74 mph. Also in Tucson, Christina Stout—rumored to be a stripper (yes, we like)—kicked all the boys’ asses in All Motor Pro with an 11.028 @ 114.92 to take the win in her CRX.

And finally, in Gainesville, FL, “outlaw” racer David Penton and his black Supra got kicked out of the track immediately after posting the fastest run of Final-round competition in the Forced Induction Pro class, with a 9.718 @ 148.90, for not having the proper NHRA certification to make 9-second passes. The real kicker is that neither did his opponent, Sam Collier in a red 2JZ-powered 240SX, who took the win when David redlit, staying barely legal with a 10.010-second pass.

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