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God Don't Like Ugly - 2005 Subaru WRX STI

Real Tuners Recognize The Beautiful As Does Stephen NG With This Widebody '05 Subaru WRX STI

Text By RC Faderoga, Photography by Steve Demmitt

Under the chassis is a complete system of TEIN Flex coilovers, Cusco front and rear stabilizer bars and a stiffening mod of Perrin bushings. Riding out the stiffness is a set of 18x10 Enkei GTC wheels, imprinting the ground with 265cm wide Falken FK452 tire prints on all four corners. Project Mu front and rear brakes take hold of the safety department, working with a Cusco 7-point rollcage to make sure Stephen, his girlfriend and his tiny dog remain safe in the chassis. Bride Brix II seats, Bride upholstery, Ignited switches, NRG shift knob, custom black carpets and a sweet Nardi steering wheel round out the interior. All of which, of course, enjoy the rhythmic vibrations provided by the Focal speakers and an Alpine IVA-D900 head unit.

The entire setup is not only a testament to Subaru's power within the youth market despite its "Lesbaru" heritage, but it's also evidence that the youth has been paying homage to tuners before them. Stephen is 21-years-old and attributes the success of his WRX STI to his many readings of the magazine before your eyes. "I got into cars in high school and all I read was Import Tuner," he smiled, "I learned a lot from the tuners they featured, I customized from what I learned and then put them into this car." It's a bright future all around and hopefully the WRX STI continues to get love and provide the sweet Kool-Aid we all would like to drink.

Conversion: '06 Subaru WRX STI Front End
Starting life as a '05 STI with the "peanut" headlights, Stephen Ng updated his front end to the '06 model. The third and final iteration for the GD chassis Impreza, the jet-like front pays homage to Subaru's parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, previous life as Nakajima Aircraft Company. While homage is free, it'll cost you a whole lot more to convert your Impreza to '06 STI specs. Thanks to Franco over at Irvine Subaru for tracking down all the necessary parts. --Carter

$658.95/each HID headlights 84002FE040 (right), 84002FE050 (left)
$37.93/each Headlight brackets 55507FE020 (right), 55507FE030 (left)
$260.40 Front bumper (unpainted) 55504FE020
$74.03/each Foglight cover (painted) 55532FE040 (right), 55532FE050 (left)
$162.43 Center grille (painted) 91121FE231
$107.42 Right grille (painted) 91121FE240
$117.92 Left grille w/ STI emblem (painted) 91121FE290
$469.95 Hood 57229FE121
$219.95/each Fenders 57110FE200 (right), 57110FE110 (left)

2005 Subaru STI
Output N/A

Engine ARC coolant caps, ARC pulley cover, Artisan TD06 50 turbo, Walbro fuel pump, Mishimoto hoses, Mishimoto fans, Cusco motor mounts, Cusco transmission mount, Cusco turbo heat shield, Cusco oil catch can, Cusco brake cylinder stopper, Nukabe radiator hose kit, Zerosports intake pipe, ZeroSports oil cap, GT Spec radiator shroud, GT Spec crank pulley, GT Spec headers, Tanabe Concept G exhaust, Tanabe downpipe, A'PEXi intake, GReddy front mount intercooler, GReddy piping custom powder coated black, Sun Auto Voltage kit, NRG power steering reservoir, Samco ancillary hose kit , HKS blow-off valve custom powder coated black, NOS system, Tune by AWD Tuning

Drivetrain Cusco LSD, Cusco hyper single clutch

Suspension TEIN Flex coilovers. Cusco front sway bar, Cusco rear sway bar, GT Spec front strut bar, GT Spec rear strut bar, GT Spec complete trunk cage, Perrin end links

By RC Faderoga
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