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2007 Honda S2000 - Hot Mess

Achieving perfection through amalgamation

Text By , Photography by Sean Lucas

Behind The Build

Vincent Ong

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada Occupation. Civil Engineer

Build Time.
5 Years And Counting


Cars, Photography, Hockey, Cooking, Track, And Motorcycles

Drive Fast And Look Good Doing It!

2007 Honda S2000

Output: 380 hp at 8,000 rpm / 255 lb-ft of torque at 7,200 rpm

Engine F22C1; Injector Dynamics 1,000cc injectors; ASM 70mm stainless exhaust; T1R 70mm test pipe; NGK spark plugs; Kraftwerks High Boost System Rotorex C30-94 supercharger, intercooler, intercooler piping, oil system, upgraded pulley, upgraded tensioner, upgraded belt, oil filter, CNC hardware, oil relocation kit, radiator hoses; Forge Motorsports bypass valve; Laminova oil cooler; Down Star engine bolts; AUT carbon-fiber cooling plate; GP battery cover, clutch master cover; Spoon Sports socks, magnetic oil drain bolt; Science of Speed hood dampers; Handmade carbon-fiber airscoop; NRG engine torque damper; Hondata ECU; AEM digital wideband;

Drivetrain T1R magnetic drain bolt; J's Racing magnetic differential drain bolt; ACT HD clutch; Fidanza lightweight flywheel; Driveshaft spacers

Suspension BC racing type BR coilovers (re-valved); Swift springs; Eibach front sway bar, endlinks; ARC front strut bar; EVS Tuning rear toe arms; Buddy Club P1 Racing roll center adjusters with camber plates; Hard Dog-style rollbar with diagonal bar and seatbelt tab added; Bulkhead replacement crossbar; Cusco whole body chassis ladder bar; Umbrella Auto Design custom VRH suspension system; rear damper extensions

Wheels/Tires Rays Volk Racing TE37SL Black edition 18x10 +40 and 18x10 +30 wheels; 255/35/18 Toyo R1R tires; Project Kics R40 Neo Chro open ended lug nuts

Brakes Spoon mono-block front calipers, brake lines, rotors; Carbotech XP10 front pads, XP8 rear pads; ATE Super Blue brake fluid; 3-inch brake ducting, handmade scoops

Exterior Voltex Carbon Circuit Version bumper, front canards, carbon circuit splitter, wing stands; J's racing Type S side skirts modified to fit Spoon fenders, 1,600mm carbon-fiber wing; AP1 conversion rear bumper; Spoon carbon-fiber diffuser with custom mounts, front wide fenders; Mugen carbon-fiber hardtop; Buddy Club bonnet; JS2K HID, LED signal lights, LED taillights, keyhole covers; carbon-fiber single exit exhaust cap; Mugen bolts

Interior Bride Gias Low Max carbon-fiber seats, Type RH brackets; Takata harness; Nardi deep corn 350mm steering wheel; Works Bell short hub, Yoshioka special edition quick release; Skunk 2 shift knob; Moddiction extender; custom red stitched door panels, center console, steering wheel stripe; soft top removed; Umbrella VRH controls; Alloy Craft hardtop security brackets anodized red; Alpine 9887 head unit; dash control interface; Compustar two-way alarm, drone mobile

Gratitude "First and foremost, my family and loving girlfriend, Kim; Curtis, Alex, Kevin at The Speed Syndicate; Reggie Mah at Fourplusone; Stephan Daigle at Circuit Garage; Jlaw, Kson, Dan, Jwon, Mashimaro, Lanulas, Ger, Smaggs, Jwu and the rest of the rainbow friends in the man chats; Hugh and Dennis at Evasive Motorsports; Ravi at Umbrella; S2KI; Joey Lee; Narita Dog Fight; Import Tuner; and Level One."

Special Thanks s2ki, Sticky Diljoe

Evasive Motorsports
11829 Hamden Pl.
Santa Fe Springs
CA  90670
The Speed Syndicate
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Nick Luft
Nick Luft

Love it. Just idk bout the hard top. I nvr lime the look for some reason. :/

Jake Golliher
Jake Golliher

So who can tell me... do diffusers actually work?

Chris Robbins
Chris Robbins

put that back in the showroom, get a real car out there!!!

Jay Cee
Jay Cee

nice s2k.I mean... very nice s2k. honda should make more cars like that or better.

Muhemed Koye
Muhemed Koye

ade bram amn darem aw hondayam detya hhh

Hawez Ak H Koya
Hawez Ak H Koya

Muhemed geyan awa honda S2000 sporta awata =D bas ba spee =D

Muhemed Koye
Muhemed Koye

gotm lawanaya badwan bzanen ch sayarakaa

Muhemed Koye
Muhemed Koye

Hawez Ak H Koya honday yabani asli wabzanm awa

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