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2000 Honda S2000 - NorCal's Finest

An ITB-equipped AP1 from ATS*Garage

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Even if you're not a Honda fan, there's a pretty good chance you've heard of the ATS*Garage crew from northern California's Bay Area. It's tough to ignore the level of detail and dedication this group puts into each of their builds. No bolt left untouched, they cover all of their bases, from top to bottom, for a complete build, and Angel Ramos' AP1 Honda S2000 is a shining example of what the tight-knit crew is capable of.

Truth be told, a stock Honda S2000 with aftermarket wheels is begging to be lowered and that's simply what Ramos wanted to do. He jumped online and joined to do a little research and that's where he discovered a massive array of options for his two-seater. Lusting over the sight of a Mugen hardtop, he sold the OEM top that came with his car and not long after he had a chance encounter with the ATS*Garage. Feeling inspired by their cars, he made the decision to give his convertible a complete makeover, and the lonely road toward an empty bank account began.

The aggressive exterior was achieved with a number of J's Racing goods, including their half bumper, Type S front fenders and Type 1 wing. Breaking up the J's party is a Spoon Sports hood, MRacing mirrors and Downforce side diffusers. A set of Arrows fender flares was molded to the rear quarters, and to fill the oversized wheel wells, 18x10.5-inch CE28s were fitted with Falken tires. Just behind the mag-blue Volks are Project Mu four-pot calipers to replace the factory stoppers.

Wanting to exploit the F20s naturally aspirated prowess, Ramos installed 52mm Jenvey individual throttle bodies complemented by a J's Racing header and 70RR exhaust system. A Supertech valvetrain and RC Engineering 440cc injectors were added to the mix and the entire ensemble is overseen by AEM's management system.

Everyone knows the Honda S2000 is praised for its impressive handling, and Ramos wanted to improve upon it without going overboard. Tried and true KW Variant 3 coilovers, J's Racing L2 camber joints and a mix of bracing from J's and Spoon Sports keep Ramos smiling from corner to corner.

Like many of the ATS builds, Ramos' Honda S2000 is heavily modified, yet every part has a purpose rather than being haphazardly tacked on like a meaningless piece of flair. The end result is uniform look and one more success story from ATSG.

Behind the Build

Angel Ramos' 2000 Honda S2000

Engine Jenvey 52mm individual throttle body kit, fuel rail; J's Racing SPL exhaust header, 70RR exhaust system, dual oil catch can, oil cap, heat shield, cooling fan switch, thermostat, radiator cap; Supertech valves, retainers; Hondata intake manifold gasket; RC Engineering 440cc fuel injectors; Earl's fuel fittings; Fuel Lab fuel pressure regulator; Mishimoto radiator; Samco Sport hoses; AP2 transmission swap; Competition Clutch Performance Clutch Kit; ARC polished cooling plate, spark plug cover; AEM EMS, wideband O2 sensor

Suspension KW Variant 3 coilovers; J's Racing shock tower bar w/ engine torque damper, L2 camber joints; Spoon Sports lower X-bar

Braking Project Mu 2-piece front brake rotors, 4-pot front brake calipers; AP Racing brake fluid; GT Motoring stainless steel brake lines

Wheels/Tires Volk Racing CE28 18x10.5 +18 offset; Falken FK452, 245/35-18 front, 275/40-18 rear

Exterior Mugen FRP hardtop; Spoon Sports hood; J's Racing front half lip molded to OEM bumper, Type S front fender extensions molded to OEM bumper, front carbon-fiber canards, Type S front fenders, Type 1 rear spoiler; Downforce carbon-fiber side diffusers; MR Racing carbon-fiber side mirrors w/ bases; Arrows rear over-fenders molded to body; Top Secret rear diffuser; Asura carbon-fiber trunk lid

Interior Cusco 4-point rollcage w/ harness bar; Recaro ASM Limited Edition seat; Takata 4-point safety harnesses; Vertex 10th Anniversary steering wheel; J's Racing shift knob; OEM AP2 center console, radio door; '02-'03 OEM S2000 door panels; Muz 1-piece floor mats; SOS dual gauge pod

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