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1991 Acura NSX - Supercharged & Reinvented

Rethinking Honda's flagship

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When rumors surrounding the original Acura NSX first began circulating, most laughed it off. Thoughts of a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car designed using cutting edge technology and processes couldn't possibly be the work of Honda. The once micro-sized carmaker had earned a reputation for focusing on gas miserly people movers, and they couldn't possibly know the first thing about creating a sexy two-seater that could hang with the likes of Italian supercars.

What many forgot - or perhaps dismissed - is Hondas rich racing heritage. And with thoughts of shaking up the landscape, the NSX was created as a tribute to a deep-rooted motorsports past, and served as a show of force, proving that they were in fact capable of much more than mundane grocery-getters heralded for reliability and MPG.

As great as the Acura NSX proved to be, many owners took it upon themselves to make the car that much better. One of those individuals is Tony Khamly, who in the face of purists and those that worship the factory look and performance of the NSX, might be referred to as pure evil.

Though the sultry lines of a stock NSX are no doubt impressive, Tony opted to add some serious girth to the chassis with a Sorcery wide-body kit that pushed all four corners outward, and in fact he even opted to further modify the front fenders in order to grant even more wheel and tire clearance. The front wheels went from a factory 15x6.5 inch to a massive 18x9.5 Volk CE28N that cover a JBT big brake kit, and in the rear the upsizing was taken a step further, going 16x8 to a whopping 18x10.5!

The much larger rolling stock and oversized brakes weren't just bolted on in the name of aesthetics; Tony planned to add far more power than naturally aspirated upgrades could ever hope to muster. Relying on a Vortech supercharger as the foundation, a custom kit was pieced together and includes a Spearco air-to-water intercooler and a one-off, center exit exhaust system designed by L-Con Engineering.

Having taken queues from the F16 fighter jet cockpit, Acura NSX engineers laid out exceptional pilot's quarters. But like every other part of Tony's car, he wanted to make improvements. The factory leathers were pulled in favor of lightweight Recaro buckets and the outdated steering wheel was replaced with a KEY!S suede tiller. Suede wrapped interior pieces flank a carbon fiber-enhanced center console that also houses a gaggle of gauges to monitor vitals and leaving no stone unturned, a custom audio set up is present as well.

While some may say Tony is crazy for changing so much on a car that was deemed almost perfect when it hit the market, in his eyes it's a natural progression, as he's journeyed toward creating his version of the perfect Acura NSX. And like any other car guy obsessed with making things "better," he's already toying with ideas of reinventing the car once again.

Behind the Build

Tony Khamly's 1991 Acura NSX

Engine Custom Vortech supercharger; custom charge piping; Spearco air-to-water intercooler; Greddy Type RS blow-off valve; Downforce AIS side scoop; L-Con 2.5" dual exhaust, test pipes; NSX Type S cams, valves, valve springs; SOS rocker arms, high-output oil pump, big bore throttle body, intake manifold, headers, solid mounts; ARC oil pan; Walbro 255lph fuel pump; RC Engineering 550cc injectors; AEM fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator; Comptech clutch/flywheel; NSX-R gears, final drive; SOS short gear stalk

Suspension Buddy Club Racing-spec coilovers; SOS bushings; NSX-R front/rear chassis bars; Comptech race anti-roll bars, non-compliance rear beam, toe links; Carbing shock tower bar

Braking JBT 4-piston calipers, 13in front rotors, stainless brake lines

Wheels/Tires Volk CE28N, 18x9.5 +22 front, 18x10.5 +18 rear; Toyo Proxes T1R, 245/40-18 front, 285/40-18 rear

Exterior Sorcery wide-body kit, front bumper vents filled, front fenders modified for larger wheels, Version II carbon fiber diffuser, skirt caps, FRP wide-body rear fenders; Seibon carbon R hood, rear wing; Taitec carbon fiber rear diffuser; 2002 NSX headlights, taillights

Interior Recaro SPG seats w/custom inserts; Buddy Club seat brackets; Takata safety harness; L-Con harness bar; KEY!S steering wheel; Taitec hub; Gruppe M shift knob; NSX-R shift boot; JDM NSX navi pod; carbon fiber dash kit; Autovation pedals; custom suede door panels and interior bits; APEX'I boost, oil press and water temp gauges

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