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546hp Infiniti G37S (V36) - Arranged Marriage

Growing to love is more powerful than falling in love.

Text By , Photography by Jeff Liu

As many full-blown (pun intended) projects are, this 2009 Infiniti G37S was originally purchased as a daily driver. In 2010, Christopher Taylor was on the lookout for a very specific car, a powerful yet refined luxury cruiser engineered and crafted by a manufacturer with exceptional racing heritage and known for their ability to perfectly blend performance and comfort. The specific car in the color that he had his heart set on, however, proved to be quite elusive, so he chose to wait until he found exactly that. We are talking about a BMW E60 M5 in Sepang Bronze, of course. Wait, what? You read that correctly, four years ago Christopher was adamant that his next car was to be the highly regarded sports sedan by BMW. This V36 G37S was simply a car that he purchased to entertain daily driver duties until he found the right M5. Christopher accepted the car for what it was, a (much) less expensive vehicle that offered similar handling and ride characteristics as the M5, not nearly as much power, but was perhaps a bit more sensible in terms of maintenance and reliability (not to mention fuel and insurance costs).

He didn't change his mind about the V36 overnight, but as the miles on the odometer increased, so did his appreciation for the Infiniti G37S. It was immediately apparent that the car was a fine piece of machinery, but it still wasn't exactly what he wanted. The modifications started innocently enough, little changes made for convenience, perhaps a couple parts installed to increase the response of the engine. As he started modifying the car, the simple, passive appreciation for the car gradually became something much more powerful, more akin to lust perhaps, a burning desire to see just how much potential this car had and what it could become. Christopher took it upon himself to start changing the minor things about the car that didn't quite measure up to his standards. These standards were, however, quite high. To put it blatantly, they were unreasonable. What he wanted was something that no auto manufacturer could ever offer in a production car. If what he wanted was available on a dealer lot, the price tag on such a vehicle would be five times what he paid for the G37 and would probably make history as a car that only one man bought.

As they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. Infiniti didn't make the wrong car by any means. The G37 is a great car in stock form for 99 percent of the people who own them. For that remaining 1 percent, however, the car is a great starting point. For 1 percent of that 1 percent, the G37 is a car worth investing tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of time to build what one can consider as the perfect mode of transportation. Christopher embarked on this journey with no reservations, diving head first into the build. He wanted power and a lot of it. He contacted GTM Motorsports in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, known for making big power out of the VQ series V-6 engines. Christopher made it very clear that he wanted it all—torque, horsepower, and reliability. After considering their options, they drew up a plan: over-engineer the bottom end to support whatever they could possibly throw at it, then add boost. The cornerstone of this engine build is GTM's own 4.2L stroker kit, consisting of a crankshaft and connecting rods machined from a solid billet of 4330 chrome-moly that allows for a half liter of displacement increase. The connecting rods attach to Arias pistons built to GTM's specifications, bringing the compression ratio to 11:1. The valvetrain was fortified with GTM's valvesprings and titanium retainers before all moving components in the engine received GTM's micro surface treatment to reduce friction. The block was then reassembled using main bearings specifically chosen for this particular application at the start of the build. ARP studs sandwich Cosworth gaskets between the head and the block.

With the engine ready to accept insanely high cylinder pressures, GTM and Christopher decided that a Rotorex supercharger would be the source of their forced induction. A return-based fuel system was added (the OEM return-less setup would not hold up the increased fuel pressures needed to support the boost), intercooler piping was fabricated and the whole setup was reinstalled into the otherwise very mild Inifinti G37S. With 546 whp and 411 lb-ft of torque on tap, Christopher was more than satisfied with his car's ability to get from point A to point B, so to speak.

Now that the engine worthy of a dedicated race car was sitting under the hood of the otherwise fairly pedestrian V36 Infiniti sedan, Christopher decided to continue with the build in a way that upon completion, the engine may not be the most exciting aspect about it. The exterior was updated to mimic the '11-spec G37, bumpers, headlights, and the whole deal. As you may have guessed, this was not nearly exciting enough for Christopher. He ordered the full catalog of Access Evolution aero parts available for his car, all in carbon fiber, of course. Wheels can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a car, however, in this case the Work Gnosis FCV-02 wheels also allowed for a much larger tire contact patch—something that was absolutely necessary at this point. Framed within the forged Works are Endless Racing calipers and rotors, on all four corners—capable of bringing the car back down to the legal speed limit in the shortest time possible. The handling characteristics were fortified with Aragosta coilovers with the Roberuta cup kit option to assist Christopher should he encounter a speed bump; dialing in the alignment to perfection was made possible by adjustable SPL and Cusco suspension arms. The interior was unsurprisingly reworked completely. The addition of a formidable sound system was a no-brainer, using some of the best in the business: Focal components. The rest of the interior was swapped out for OEM black panels, '10-spec anniversary edition seats, an Access Evolution steering wheel, and Nismo shift knob. Christopher shared with us that he enjoys taking this car on road trips so much that he actually owns two radar detectors—one for short drives and the other specifically for longer journeys.

How life plays out can be quite interesting at times. Legend has it that a butterfly can flap its wings and cause a tsunami halfway across the world. Likewise it just so happened that no BMW dealership had a Sepang Bronze M5 near Raleigh, NC, and Christopher built this insane Inifinti G37S, the only one of its kind in the world. Christopher admits that any desire for an M5 all but disappeared when he started modifying the G37S. Perhaps it's not the car that changed his outlook, but rather his ability to love what he has and build upon it instead of always looking out for the next thing to be excited about. Christopher decided not to worry about trivial things such as resale value and return on investment—ideas that as the head of an accounting department he knows all about. Much like how arranged marriages have a lower divorce rate than traditional marriages, learning to love something can create a stronger bond than a relationship that started with infatuation. We have reason to believe that is what makes this car so great; no cost was spared in making it exactly what the owner wanted, because it was worth the investment to him.

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