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2003 Honda Civic Si and 2006 Honda S2000 - Black Sheep

No, they're not black, and yes, they're both Hondas. So what exactly is it about these matching machines that's turning import tuning on its head?

Text By Luke Munnell, Photography by Jeffrey Creech; S2000, Henry Z. De Kuyper

Immediately after picking up the new chassis, Andres and the crew were tearing into it in the RAW facility, fabricating mounts for the 2JZ-GTE engine, Getrag six-speed trans, and 8.8-inch Ford independent rearend; modifying the firewall, transmission, and tunnel to make it all fit; and fabricating intake and exhaust manifolds, a front-mount intercooler and piping system, full turbo-back exhaust, oil and power steering cooler, custom wiring harness and brake lines, and bolting up miscellaneous parts. A donor engine was sourced locally, and completely rebuilt top and bottom by Big Daddy Performance to produce right around 900 whp from a custom-spec GT45R turbocharger and single fogger Nitrous Express system-good enough for street reliability and 9-second quarter-mile E.T.s at the strip.

It wasn't the first project for either of the duo, but it was the first of its kind they'd undertaken. But here's the kicker: They completed it, start to finish, in five months. "I bought the car in late July of '08," says Charles, "and four hours before roll-in at HIN Miami in December, we were tuning and wet-sanding it on the dyno." Their hard work paid off. Four hours after roll-in, the crew rolled home with "Best of Show," "Best Engine Bay," and "Wildest Honda" trophies riding shotgun.

Since successfully completing the S2000, Andres and RAW Racing have developed a reputation for crazy fabrication projects. "We just finished a 2JZ-powered '93 Isuzu pickup and an '83 GMC Shortbed with an 800whp three-speed Turbo trans," Andres tells, "along with a few Starlets and Starions with all different engines." What he won't mention unless asked is his personal project: an AE86 Toyota Corolla swapped with the original F22C from Charles' monster S2K. Look for more of that one soon.

In the short time since we've shot Charles and Andres' creation, the pair haven't stopped improving it. "We were breaking axles with the manual transmission, and shifting the gears was really slowing us down," says Andres, "so we decided to move up to a Bullseye 88mm turbocharger and direct-port nitrous system, swap in a built Powerglide transmission with custom axles and hubs, add even more rubber, and switch to a Strange drag-specific suspension." It's an estimated 1,500 hp that Charles has driven to a best time of 8.1 @ 181 down the 1,320, and the crew agrees it's got plenty more. "If I gutted the thing and replaced the glass with Lexan, I could probably hit 7s," says Charles. "But I'd rather do it as is. It's still a street car. I drive it like this all the time."

Behind The Build

Seua Tiger Chanthaphanij


Murfreesboro, TN

Electronic technician

Cars, video games, racing

Build Time.
Seven years


"To build a reliable, high-hp Honda with all the amenities."

'03 Honda Civic Si

Output: 538 whp / 395 lb-ft of torque

Engine Honda '02 K20A2 cylinder head, '03 K20A3 block, RBC intake manifold; 86.5mm 9.0:1-compression Wiseco pistons, rings; Eagle H-beam connecting rods; ARP rod bolts, head studs; Hytech oil pan baffle; Hybrid Racing timing chain tensioner; Glow Shift oil sandwich adapter; Supertech valvesprings, retainers; Karcepts manifold adapter; Hondata Heatshield; Greddy EVO TT exhaust; Full Race catalytic converter, turbo manifold, front-mount intercooler, piping; Golden Eagle vacuum manifold; Garrett T3/60-1 0.82 turbocharger; HPC turbine/compressor coating; Thermo-Tec heat shielding, turbo blanket; Tial 50mm blow-off valve, 44mm wastegate; NGK BKR8E-IX plugs; RC Engineering 1,000cc injectors; Aeromotive A1000 fuel pressure regulator; Walbro 255lph fuel pump; Arizona Forced Induction fuel rail; Corsport MAC boost control solenoid; Hondata K Pro ECU, tuned by Mike of Top Dead Center Performance; Xstatic 800 slim battery

Driveline Bullhead/PPG straight-cut dog-engagement gearset, input shaft, output shaft; Wavetrac limited-slip differential (LSD); Stage 4 Competition Clutch; Exedy flywheel; Corsport metal shifter bushings, stainless clutch line

Suspension H&R Race springs; Tokico HP dampers; Comptech 22mm rear sway bar; Megan Racing front under brace; Beaks rear lower tie bar; Ingalls rear camber kit; Energy Suspension motor mount inserts; Innovate 75A motor mounts; Hardrace roll center adjusters; D2 Racing rear lower control arms

Wheels/Tires 17x7 +42mm Buddy Club P1 SF challenge street wheels; 225/45-17 General Exclaim UHP street tires; 15x8 +35mm Rota Slipstream front race wheels; 14.5x8.5 M&H Racemaster front race tires; Nippon Racing lug nuts

Brakes EBC 3GD rotors, Red Stuff pads; Corsport stainless steel brake lines

Exterior HFP front lip spoiler, side skirts, rear lip, roof wing; Seibon carbon-fiber hood

Interior Bride Vios II front seats; Wedge Engineering seat brackets; Corsport steering wheel

Electronics Auto Meter Cobalt-series boost gauge, carbon-fiber mounting cup; NGK AFX wideband; Phase Linear 7-inch in-dash monitor

Gratitude Chanthaphanij family; Sunny Side Crew; DJ Phonatik; Squirk; Lil Roper; John Garrett; TurboDav; Premium Garage Krew; Don Napier; James Evins; Zac Carter; Astr0not; Jeff Creech; Geoff Raicer; Elmo of Yazoo City

Behind The Build

Charles Walker


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Marina Director/Dockmaster

Racing, yachting

Build Time.
one year


"I wanted to own the world's fastest 2JZ-powered S2000. Mission accomplished."

'06 honda S2000

Output (est): 1,500 whp / 950 lb-ft of torque

Engine Toyota 2JZ-GTE; Crower 280 camshafts; 87mm 9.5:1-compression CP Pistons, rings, aluminum connecting rods; Big Daddy Performance cylinder head porting; Ferrea +1mm titanium valves, double valvesprings, retainers; RAW Racing intake manifold, turbo manifold, radiator hoses, oil cooler, custom Moroso oil catch system; Koyo radiator; 95mm throttle body; Titan Motorsports adjustable cam gears; Bullseye 88mm turbocharger; Tial 44mm wastegates (x2); Nitrous Express nitrous injection; 1,600cc/min fuel injectors; Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator; Weldon Magna Flow fuel pump; Titan Motorsports fuel rail; Haltech 2000 ECU, tuned by Chrisspeed at AWD Motorsports

Drivetrain Powerglide transmission, straight-cut gears, upgraded clutches; RAW Racing shift kit; Pro Torque torque converter; Drive Shaft Shop axles; custom 8.8-inch Ford rearend

Suspension Strange suspension; Cusco bolt-in rollcage

Wheels/Tires 19x10 Volk Racing Gram Lights street wheels; Falken Azenis street tires (255/35-19 front, 285/30-19 rear); CCW Holeshot drag wheels (17x4 front, 17x10 rear); Mickey Thompson ET Drag tires (4-inch skinny front, 355-series rear)

Brakes RAW Racing stainless steel brake lines

Exterior Tracy Sports front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, front canards, carbon-fiber rear wing; J's Racing carbon-fiber hood; Mugen carbon-fiber hardtop; custom pearl white paint, applied by Neil of South Florida Collision

Interior Bride Vorga seats; Takata harnesses

Electronics Defi gauges (oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, volt), Link; AEM air/fuel ratio gauge

Gratitude Richard, Junior, Andres, Chino, and Moose from RAW Racing; Chrisspeed from AWD Motorsports; VJ, Jason, and John from Big Daddy Performance Center; South Florida Collision;; Bullet Proof Automotive; TD Autowerks, AD Turbo, STP Dyno, Speed Injected, and Santos from the Ft. Lauderdale area

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels
4600 Prosper Drive
OH  44224
CP Pistons
1902 Mc Gaw
CA  92614
Corsport Aluminum
1855 West Union Ave Unit J
CO  80110
Hybrid Racing
3348 Drusilla Ln.
Suite 2C
Baton Rouge
LA  70809
Ferrea Racing Components
2600 N.W. 55 Court
Suite 234
Fort Lauderdale
FL  33309
Track Masters
Full-Race Motorsports
4107 E. Winslow
AZ  85040
TDC Performance
Garrett Turbo
6301 North Broadway
CO  80216
Import Alliance
Nitrous Express
5411 Seymour Hwy
Wichita Falls
TX  76310
RAW Racing
Showstoppers USA
137 West Pomona Ave.
Unit B
CA  91016
AWD Motorsports
Big Daddy Performance
1000 Bennett Blvd., Unit 6A
NJ  08701
South Florida Collision
By Luke Munnell
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Juan Jose Teran Rojas
Juan Jose Teran Rojas

The S2000 engine is forged, soo you can put a huge turbo and triple the power and the engine still working fine... A very low weight frame... This car have the potential ti beat almost every other car...

Jason Kantas
Jason Kantas

ΤΟ αμαξι του πατερα μου.

Robert Richter
Robert Richter

I agree I also owned a nice lude! ^ one major flaw of the H22 was the timing belt tensioner which was the demise of my newly supercharged lude

Uta Hecht
Uta Hecht

Würstchengrill mal anders :-)

Tyler Murgatroyd
Tyler Murgatroyd

Ya well welcome to merica lol v8 gm ford blah blah plastic craptastic junk made in mexico the american way

Jordan Leigh
Jordan Leigh

Elvis Nikitins Daniel Midgetdan O'Doherty

Donhenry Thompson
Donhenry Thompson

When I say let's fire it up. This is what I mean. It's time to kick the tires and light the fires.

Monster Mäx
Monster Mäx

Bäm...Spoiler könnte höher sein :)...und felgen en Zoll kleiner und dann noch 5cm tiefer xD

Sam Yates
Sam Yates

Simon Owen could of been yours!

Andrew Meneses
Andrew Meneses

7 sec 2jz worlds fastest 2jz powered s2k!! wait til he comes back this season..hes going to break hearts and more records! local miami car.

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