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June 2011 - Longshots

Americans! We need to cowboy up and defend our own ink! The Canadians regularly kick our butts on the pages of Longshots, what with their seemingly unending photographic skill, but this month Romanian Ciprian Mihai joins their ranks. At least we have Ronaldo, from New Jersey. One thing the world knows is not to pick on a kid from Jersey. You like that rig shot, huh? Ronaldo’s so good he left the rig at home for this one. What a rebel. Even though he shoots Nikon.

Got shots? Show ’em off:

Name: Ronaldo Stewart
Location: Delanco, NJ
Shot Location: Bristol, PA
Equipment: Nikon D90; Tokina 11-16MM F/2.8; Adobe Photoshop CS5

Name: Ciprian Mihai
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Shot Location: Studio
Equipment: Canon EOS 40D, Vertical Grip. 18-55MM F/3.5, 430EX Flash; Micnova Wireless System; Softbox; Adobe CS5

Name: Flamur Binakaj
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Shot Location: A Parkade (Canadian for parking garage)
Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel T2I, 18-55MM F/3.5; Adobe Lightroom 3

Name: Kevin Stachniak
Location: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Shot Location: Nait Campus, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Equipment: Canon EOS 7D, 17-55M F/2.8, 580EX II; Pocketwizard Triggers; Adobe Photoshop CS5

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