Inifiniti to release a NSX Killer? - The Emerg-E Concept - Web Exclusive

At the Geneva Motor Show Infiniti unveiled the Emerg-E Concept, a mid-engine plug-in hybrid rumored to put down 400HP. Still shaking your head at the hybrid idea? Well word on the street is that it'll go 0-60 in four seconds. To put things in perspective a R35 GT-R without launch control will do that in around 3.8 seconds.

So how does the Infiniti Emerg-E compare to the new Acura NSX? They'll both be around the 400hp mark (the NSX will have the advantage here with a rumored 480hp). Both are hybrids and put simply, both look bad ass. Only time will tell if Infiniti goes through with this concept but the future of performance hybrids just got a little brighter.

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