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2005 Subaru WRX - The Unicorn

One Girl’s automotive obsession

Text By David Do, Photography by David Do, Luke Munnell

Behind the Build

Joy Abdalla


Lutherville-Timonium, MD

Student/salon manager

Build time
Six years

“Hanging out with the two best pit bulls in the world, Turbo and Takata, anything outdoors, and reading Option and Drift Tengoku magazines while getting my nails done.”


“I built this car because it simply makes me happy. Growing up, I was kind of a tomboy, and cars were always an interest of mine.”

2005 Subaru WRX

608 whp / 542 lb-ft

Engine ’08 STI EJ25 2.5L; IAG Performance Stage 5 heads, connecting rods, velocity stack, turbo manifold, exhaust, billet fuel rail, downpipe, up-pipe, and intercooler; Kelford cams; Manley +1mm valves, valvesprings, retainers, and 8.5:1 pistons; ARP head studs and rod bolts; Gates Racing timing belt; 5-angle Sirdi valve job; 99.75mm bore; ’09 STI nitrite-coated crankshaft; Cusco engine mounts; Kartboy Dogbone mount; Aeromotive fuel pump and pressure regulator; DeatschWerks 1,100cc injectors; Tial blow-off valve; AEM boost controller; Garrett GTX3582R turbo with Tial V-band housing; Purolator Pure One oil filter; Motul engine oil and antifreeze; Mishimoto radiator, fans, and hoses; Zero Sports low temp thermostat; custom IAG wire tuck with Rachem connectors and mil-spec main connector; AEM Engine Management System

Drivetrain ’07 STI six-speed transmission; Cusco transmission mount; Exedy twin disc clutch; Kartboy shifter; Go Extra S transmission fluid

Chassis/Suspension Cusco Zero 2 coilovers, strut tower bar; Whiteline sway bars, endlinks, bushings, and control arms; STI aluminum front control arms; IAG four-point chromoly rollbar

Wheels/Tires 18x10.5 +22 Rays Engineering Volk Racing TE-37SL and lug nuts; Toyo Proxes R888 295/30-18 tires

Brakes Endless 6-piston front calipers, four-piston rear calipers, pads, and rotors; Wilwood proportioning valve and master cylinder; ATE Super Blue brake fluid; Chase Bays booster delete; custom brake line tuck

Exterior Msports widebody body kit; Do-Luck trunk; BASF Gold Candy paint; Ganador mirrors

Interior Bride Zeta III seats and rails; Rallytech carbon-fiber rear seat delete; Takata harnesses; Personal Pole Position steering wheel; Works Bell quick release and steering hub; Defi-Link boost, exhaust, oil temp, oil pressure, and water temp gauges

Gratitude “First and foremost, all the glory goes to Jesus Christ, through whom everything is possible. I’d like to thank my friend, J.J. Jabaji, the guys at his shop IAG Performance, and especially Joe Freyman for his hard work and dedication. Thanks to my inspiration, Kiet Hong, aka Sunshine. Thanks to my biggest supporter, David Do: You have been the biggest inspiration in my life and truly taught me the meaning of YOLO. Special thanks to Luke Munnell for doing what he does best! Huge thanks to all my sponsors for their generosity: IAG, BASF, Whiteline, Toyo Tires, Bulletproof Automotive, and Mishimoto. Thanks to Jorge Carrillo, Khris Uybengkee, Brian at Mackin Industries, Mayday Garage, Joey Lee at The Chronicles, Andy Bui, TofuWreck Films, and the guys at Brainchild Customs who first showed me the JDM light.”

By David Do
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Charles Mcfarland
Charles Mcfarland

take that stupid black rubber hose off the radiator and it looked great

Daniel Cranfill
Daniel Cranfill

Beautiful boxer. ..a scoby saved my life and nothing has a better. Awd system. Not to mention better design for less body roll. Keep your shitty hondas and rotaries. Ill keep my scobie.

Rafi Morshed
Rafi Morshed

Anirban Majid wiretuck n a new blowdryaaa

Erwin Van Kesteren
Erwin Van Kesteren

Nice i have also a SUBARU with bigger turbo KMS (kronenburg managment system) scoobysport downpipe demper samko set etc. Also good for 330 hp and torque 410@4200tpm

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

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Steven Goessi
Steven Goessi

Subys are lame.. why would you waste that much on a lemon?

Dave Martin
Dave Martin

I assume the bonnet is on in use, if so how is the heat from the engine kept under control, the air intake looks to be sucking in air directly from the engine compartment which will be boiling hot.... My classic still has its standard intake which pulls in air from the filter box on the inner wing which in turn draws air in from outside the engine compartment. Lots of tuners advise against doing what this person has done as you will effectively be detuning the car, hotter air = lower power. That's why the scooby has the bonnet scoop, to force air through the inter cooler which was packed on top of the engine, not the best designed place to put it. I can see this car has a front mount cooler but what is the point if all it's doing is countering the extra heat being drawn in from the engine compartment. Poor design.

Chase Hawk
Chase Hawk

And if it is yes a girl dose own it lol

Arik Lotia
Arik Lotia

SUPER street!! Its an unicorn!!!

Ervey Sanchez
Ervey Sanchez

Its an sti and i believe the owner is a girl :)

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