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Obey Accordingly

Teenage rebellion has its ways of yielding positive responses.

Text By Joseph Santos, Photography by Eric Simpson

Children hate the constant nagging they get from their parents while living at home. It's even worse for those from a strict Asian household, where their parents try as hard as possible to instill in them traditional beliefs and values. From studying instead of partying on a Friday night to not getting tattoos or piercings, strict Asian parents try to guide their children in what they feel is the right direction. Throughout his life, Alex Cotraviwat had his parents' strict guidelines echoing in his ear, even when he obtained his 2001 Honda Accord at the age of 18. Cotraviwat had no intentions of modifying the car, knowing all too well that his parents forbade it. So much so, they got mad when he put an air freshener in it. Just like any other rebellious child, it was only a matter of time before Cotraviwat was determined to do things his way, despite his parents' objections.

With some cunning negotiations and persuasion, Cotraviwat was able to convince his dad to let him do some slight modifications without any repercussions. Determined to make it a show car, Cotraviwat hit up M1 Autobody in El Monte, California, to do the bodywork. To give the car a unique look, an authentic full Xenon body kit was molded into place along with a 1998 Accord full metal front end conversion and Accord Euro-R fender flares. To cover up the Bondo, the side moldings and emblems were shaved and a fresh coat of House of Kolor Oriental Kandy Blue paint was slathered on. To top off the look, a carbon-fiber hood and canards from VIS give the Accord a racecar appeal.

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By Joseph Santos
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