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Rikki And Vikki - It's The Ikki. Ooooweee!!

They're Super Hot And They Are Twins

2NR: How could we get you to notice us?R: Just being funny and outgoing-like a guy laughing and having a good time with his friends. A guy that looks happy would get my attention.V: I like compassion and guys that are motivated and want to do something with their life. I like pretty boys and guys with nice bodies. It wouldn't hurt to send some drinks over!

2NR: Besides the ones you had on today, do you have any favorite outfits designed to attract attention?V: Our ice cream skirts with matching leg warmers and white shirts that falls off the shoulder.

2NR: When you want to turn on your man what's the subtle hint that you give him?V: He always wants me! I don't know! I plead the fifth!R: Well, if I'm out I just look him in the eyes and kinda give him an up and down look. I don't know if it turns him on, but he'll usually come over.

2NR: Where should a fan go to see you when you're just kicking back?V: We like to go to Pacific Beach.R: Like right in front of World Famous. That's where everybody hangs out.V: Or PB Bar and Grill or at Moondoogies-but Vegas is fun too.

2NR: You guys really just like hanging out and having fun?V: Yep. We're college students!

2NR: For actually being hot twins, girls for that matter, you are both really modest about it.R: That's what our dad says too. He'll say, "You don't know how beautiful you really are."V: We're like, "Dad you're so sweet, but you say that to all your children."2NR: Does dad know that you might be playmates?R: My dad would love it if we were playmates. He is addicted to "Playboy." He has every issue. When my dad found out, he was really excited for us.V: When we got home he'd show us the cyber girl of the week.R: One time he showed us a picture of this girl he was excited about, and a week later we met her.

2NR: So dad WON'T mind?R&V: It's just a body.

2NR: A banging body. What's the best part of your sister's body?R: She has nice teeth. But I like her booty.V: My booty? I'm booty-booty-licious? I actually like HER booty...and her eyes too.

2NR: What do you have over the Olsen twins?V: We're not bulimic!R: That's sad; she just checked herself into the hospital for an eating disorder.V: It's hard to have to keep checking yourself out in the mirror to see your flaws.R: Then again, we don't have 300 million dollars to protect.V: But we're 21, so we can drink legally! That's what we have over them.R: Woo hoo!

The studio had shut down by 6 p.m. and the lights were starting to go out. It was already fourty-five after six and we had just wrapped up. The twins weren't done for the day. They had set up another personal shoot somewhere in the city to celebrate their cover shoot with us. They smiled and were bubbly the whole time-but not like a couple of air-heads. You could tell that these twins were just excited to be doing something fun. The shoot wasn't for the exposure or the potential fame or even the money-it doesn't seem a far-fetched idea that these two were just out to have a good time.

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