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Rikki And Vikki - It's The Ikki. Ooooweee!!

They're Super Hot And They Are Twins

2NR: Who usually wins? Rikki you're older. Do you win?V: I get on her nerves more. So I guess I'd probably win.R: She knows me more.

2NR: Do you have any good twin stories?R: Well when my kidney failed she was a donor.V: R: I can't think of one.

2NR: Well, I heard that you two actually went at it.V: Ok. She kicked my ass! It was the only time we ever got into a fight.R: We were at a Hooters in Jacksonville, Fla. and we drank a lot and went to bed. Vikki tried to wake me up to take a shower. She just started hitting me. I had all these scratches.V: I was like, "Rikki I don't want to do this."R: The funny thing is that we were both wearing towels and they came off really fast.

2NR: Excuse me. Sorry. Ok I'm good. Was this a full on fist fight?V: Yeah! She punched me in the head.R: She finally locked herself in the bathroom, but I'm the one with all the scratches on my back.V: I didn't want to punch her. She's my sister.

2NR: But she punched you in the head!R: She was hiding underneath the blanket. I couldn't see what I was hitting. Besides we were drunk. We don't really even know what happened.V: Well we kinda know. We were both sleeping

2NR: You sleep together in the same bed?R: Whenever we sleep at hotels we do.

2NR: I could just end this interview here and leave our male readers googily-eyed and drooling over a true story about how extremely attractive, hot-bodied, drunken, twin sisters in towels fight over who had to shower first. Throw in a referee and we got ourselves a show.R: Well, It was our only fight ever. It was a vacation; you're allowed to do crazy stuff.

2NR: So you don't like fighters? What if he's a huge guy and during a fight has to konk someone on the top of his head just once because he's acting craz, is that a fighter or defender?V: That's not cool. I like a guy that can stand up for himself but doesn't end up punching somebody. If you're a huge guy you should just be able to stand there and just look huge. Intimidate with your presence not with your fists.

2NR: Who's the bad twin?V: We were even at one point, but now I think its Rikki.R: I got out of a 3-and-a-half year relationship, so I kinda went crazy for a little bit. I'm calming down now. We broke up on St. Patrick's day.

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