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Stays in Vegas

Text By Leo J Nagisaram, Photography by

When talking about the sun-scorching weather of the Las Vegas desert, locals always reply with comments like "it's a dry heat" or "it's not about the's about the humidity." Arianny Celeste is yet another model born and raised in Sin City, so she's used to it all. When we caught Arianny right after her daily workout, we thought that we were used to the type of heat we get. But I gotta tell you, sometimes the humidity ain't all that bad.

2nr: So what is your workout routine like?
Arianny Celeste: I do different things on different days. For cardio, I do either the octagon or maybe a couple rounds of boxing, or I'll do the elliptical for about 20 minutes. Today, I did my gluts and my hamstrings-I did a lot of squats today. I do my abs everyday, but I do them last.

2nr: You get into the ring? Every guy is willing to watch a good girl fight.
AC: I do it for the workout! For years I just went to the gym and did my own thing and never tried the ring. It's great cardio. I train with one of the UFC trainers. I would fight, but it depends on who is on the other end.

2nr: Who would you use your UFC powers to protect?
AC: My little sisters. I'm a Scorpio, so if people do me wrong or betray me, I cut them off. I sting people if they get on my last nerve.

2nr: Is there someone you'd go toe-to-toe with in the octagon, maybe a neighbor?
AC: I would... get in the ring with this chick back in high school! No, Randy Couture! He's awesome. I'm sure he could show me pointers.

2nr: Lets talk about your MMA "ground game." When with an opponent, do you prefer "Guard" or "Mount?"
AC: I hate being on my back because I feel like I wouldn't have any control. I would prefer mount-when I'm on top I can have better control. I could drop some elbows and hit 'em in the face a couple times.

2nr: Could you say that over again, this time slower? Soften your voice a little. Oh and drop the last sentence. Thanks. Do you like seeing a particular move?
AC: It's pretty exciting when you are sitting ringside and someone gets picked up and slammed to the ground. Sometimes I'm close enough to the action where sweat and blood fly in my direction.

By Leo J Nagisaram
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