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Import Tuner Cover Models of 2013

A throwback of our favorite girls in the scene

Text By , Photography by Import Tuner Archives

Sure we love the import scene for the builds and friends we meet, but lets not forget the beautiful models that add an extra cherry on top of our favorite cars. We search far and wide for that perfect girl to complement each unique cover. Girls you've probably never heard of have been featured along with those models that are known worldwide. We are into the first full week of 2014 and felt it as good a time as any to look back at the lucky nine women that accompanied the ridiculous builds featured on our 2013 magazine covers

Italia Faith

Instagram: @italiafaith

We started the year off with the lovely Italia Faith. It's hard to believe that this half Filpina and half Italian was an "ugly duckling" as a child - she said it, not us! If that is true she has definitely grown to be a beautiful swan. We also invited her to be a part of our 2014 calendar so you can look forward to seeing her again.

Cina Luks

Instagram: @cinaluks

Coming from the Bay Area, CA is this Chinese, Siberian, and Native American model named Cina Luks. Cina has all the right curves and is hot enough to be on primetime TV! She was actually a contestant on a NBC reality show. She's has a sweet tooth for all those candy land fans.

Tailyr Monette

Instagram: @tailyrmonette

You got to love a girl with a tuner car. Tailyr owns a clean Zenki Nissan 240SX rolling on Enkei RPF1s. Tailyr moved from her hometown Granite Falls, Washington to sunny California. She's the type of girl who's always down for an adventure.

Nikki Rhee

Instagram: @ilove_nikki

Meet Nikki Rhee. When this Korean cutie isn't dolled up for the camera, you're most likely going to find her studying away or working. She has beautiful sakuras tatted on her back and has a soft spot for true gentlemen.

Danielle Ruiz

Instagram: @_danielleruiz

Danielle Ruiz is another model that comes from Southern California. Clearly magical things happen when you mix Brazilian, Columbian, French, and Spanish blood. She loves every type of music genre out there with one exception, Country. Danielle is addicted to shopping and enjoys her daily dose of coffee preferably Coffee Bean.

Nundhia Daniels

Instagram: @nundhia

Nundhia is hard to resist. On top of being a sexy Thai/Indonesian model she's a singer, songwriter, pre-med student, and drives a cool Nissan 350Z. She's into bikers and guitarists, but don't be an arrogant prick or she'll beat the pulp out of you as she carries a red belt in the Korean martial arts Hapkido.

Elizabeth Tran

Instagram: @elizabethtran626

Elizabeth is the adventurous and spontaneous type. At the work place she's known as "Liz the Shiz" and is hooked on boba. She admits that she was quite the trouble maker as a kid and retains that characteristic till this day.

Tianna Dayne Gregory

Instagram: @_tiannag

Our October issue had a dope Mazda RX-7 built by Pro Shop Fukuoh. A beautiful car needed to be accompanied by an equally beautiful woman and Tianna Gregory fit the bill. She has six tattoos, but her absolute favorite is her grandpa's birthday in roman numerals. Her ethnicity is Italian, Hispanic, German, and Russian. We couldn't help, but invite her back to be a part of the 2014 calendar coming out soon.

Dannie Riel

Instagram: @dannieriel

Without a doubt Dannie Riel is the current queen of import modeling. It doesn't matter what event it is, if she's there be prepared to wait in line to get an autograph or photo. She loves Euro cars and food. Check out her Youtube video blogs. Dannie may have an empire of fans, but when you get to know her she's a very humble and amazing lady.

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