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Olivia Korte - Import Tuner Model

She’s everything a guy can want

Text By , Photography by Rich Masuda

Muah: Elfie Simon
Dresses provided by Dickies Girl

Meet Olivia Korte. She's everything a guy can want. She loves speed and football! While most girls think horse racing at the track is stupid, this girl actually grew up around the sport and was surrounded by plenty of exotic cars at a young age. You've probably seen her hosting automotive television shows or being the booth talent at Falken. If you ever manage to get her to go on a date with you, take her to a place that's spinning EDM and make sure you pick her up in a Lamborghini.

Import Tuner: First off tell us how your modeling career got started?

Olivia Korte: When I was around 14 my best friend at the time was signed with a modeling agency called Nouveau, and she had to stop by to drop something off to her agent. Her agent asked, "Who's your friend?" They actually signed me that day. The rest is history.

IT: Wow, that's amazing. You were at the right place at the right time. Anyway, what is your ethnicity?

OK: Well, I'm American, but my background is Italian, French, and Brazilian.

IT: Oh nice! Quite a mix you got there. We checked out your Instagram, and it says you're a TV host?

OK: Yeah! So I do a lot of hosting work in action sports and motorsports, but I guess the biggest thing I'm known for is when I cohosted a television show about do-it-yourself car modifications, and it was called Motorz TV. That's how I got started with hosting and I got the opportunity to cohost the show. It's really cool because I really love cars and modifying them. It's really cool to be a part of that.

IT: That leads to my next question. How much exactly do you know about cars?

OK: I know a good amount about cars. I grew up with a family who had a lot of exotic cars around so my passion for cars started at a young age, especially once I started doing a lot more brand ambassador and spokesmodel work. I worked for Falken Tire for three years, so that brought me into the car scene. I started working for Formula Drift and the American Le Mans series, and I started to learn more about cars that way.

IT: Are you only into exotic cars? Or do you have love for the imports as well?

OK: I love imports! I love it all really, definitely exotics and imports, not so much American muscle cars. I'm a big fan of the Lamborghini.

IT: So what's your favorite car?

OK: Well my favorite car used to be the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Superleggera, but since the Aventador came out that one definitely takes the cake. I'm a huge fan of the Aventador. I shot a feature last year and I was able to secure one for the shoot. That was my dream day to shoot with the Aventador! In the car industry I got the name Lambo Girl.

IT: Sounds like a superhero name. Here comes Lambo Girl!

OK: Yeah! Any opportunity I get to shoot with a Lambo I'm on it!

IT: So do you have a favorite Formula D driver?

OK: You know I'm a big fan of some of the Falken drivers. Justin Pawlak and Darren McNamara. I also like Fredric Aasbo too! He's been doing a great job lately. I'd like to give a shout to all of them because I'm not with any specific tire company right now. Oh, I also love Matt Powers. He's such a nice guy.

IT: Do you have any hobbies aside from modeling and cars?

OK: I first started going to University of Colorado at Boulder when I was actually out there on a music scholarship. I studied vocal performance and musical theater. I studied voice for 15 years and played the saxophone for eight. So I guess I'm musically inclined. I actually ended up going through a double-major change and ended up finishing with business and marketing, but music will always be my passion. I love going to festivals and raves. I'm a big house music and EDM fan. That's one of my favorite things, going to shows seeing some of my favorite deejays in the club or festivals.

IT: That's awesome! We interviewed Erica Nagashima a few issues back and she's musically trained as well.

OK: It's funny because I've known Erica for a long time. Her background is opera, and I was classically trained as well. We've talked about maybe getting together and doing something, but for me music is only a side hobby now. Last time I sang, it was the national anthem at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

IT: That sounds like a cool job! Do you remember your worst job ever?

OK: I don't know. I feel pretty lucky to have been happy with a lot of the companies that I've worked with. It's always been a good turnout. I guess the only jobs that get crazy are the ones that go past 12 hours. There was this one time. I guess this wasn't really a job, but I was leaving the X Games in Aspen, and I was with the Rockstar Energy team, and we ran out of gas in the middle of a blizzard in Utah, so that was kind of crazy. I just barely started working with those guys, and I woke up from a nap and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere. These things happen I guess.

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