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Up Close & Personal: Jasmine Fox Li

An interview with our August 2002 cover model

Being a Huntington Beach local, I tend to know all the best spots for grub, from my house all the way to the beach. It was Wednesday and it just so happens it was time for the monthly model interview. Being the big spender that I am, I decided to go all out and take her to my favorite Wednesday night hangout, Wings 'n' Things on Beach Boulevard. This is the one place I know I can go to get the ring-of-fire special: 16 hot wings and two pitchers of beer. Days prior to the interview I found out that our August cover model Jasmine Fox Li was also a Huntington Beach local but has never heard of Wings 'n' Things--a perfect opportunity.

After our first order of wings and beer I figured that a 5-ft model weighing in at 104 would call it quits early. Ten extra hot wings and two glasses of beer later, I realized that this girl had a bottomless stomach that, for some reason, didn't have an effect on her 34B/23/34 frame. Once the flames were out it was time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening with a little lewd conversation.

2NR: So are hot wings your favorite things or do you just eat everything?

JF: I love eating this Vietnamese dish called Pho, but I'm down for hot wings.

2NR: You put shooting pool down for a sport, are you pretty good?

JF: I'm not a professional, but I'm pretty good at it. I just play eight ball since that's the one that everyone knows how to play.

2NR: So you have good stick- and-ball management, huh?

JF: Oh yeah, I'm good with the balls....[laughs] I just got what you were saying, that's funny. Yeah, I guess I am good with the balls [laughs again]. I also just started playing this online pool game. I'm a big computer nerd, If I'm not out clubbing, then I'm on the computer.

2NR: Yeah, I'm pretty good at ball-and-stick management, too! Where do you normally go clubbing?

JF: I actually party with Natasha Yi in L.A. every now and then. I love going to Miyagi's, Wassabi's and Dublin's in L.A. Sometimes I party down in Long Beach, too.

2NR: I've heard that you and Natasha have become pretty good friends lately.

JF: Oh yeah, she's such a sweetie. She's always helping me out with the import scene. It's almost like she's my sister, always looking out for me.

2NR: How did you get your start in import modeling?

JF: Well, I was supposed to work for this company, Asian Scene, in the Bay Area, but I couldn't make it that day and they never called me back. So I sent my pictures to another company called From there they wanted to use me for a few car shows. My first show was an Import Showoff at Pomona and I had so much fun. I think that was in '99 and now I still do work with, and Import Revolution.

2NR: Oh that's right, You're an Import Revolution girl. What shows will you be going to in the future?

JF: By the time this issue comes out there will be a show in Washington, D.C., Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. I'm not sure which ones I'll be going to, but I really want to go to the one in Hawaii in December and the Toronto one.

2NR: Are you into the car part of it or just the modeling side?

JF: My friends are into the cars, but for me it's the modeling. I would like to do something with my car but I don't know the first thing about them.

2NR: What kind of car do you have?

JF: A 1998 Eclipse.

2NR: Turbo?

JF: Ummm... I think so. GS, that's a turbo right?

2NR: Oh no, you got the bootie one.

JF: [laughing] Sometimes I play with the overdrive button to pretend it's a turbo. It's my turbo boost button.

2NR: You and Natasha even have the same type of cars and both of you guys didn't know if they were turbocharged or not--that's funny! I really didn't think you would know what a turbo was, but both of you said the same thing. Is there a boyfriend?

JF:'s in the works--I think! [laughs]

2NR: So I assume the one that is "in the works" isn't a cheap date like you describe in your turn-offs? Matter of fact, why don't you brief us on a cheap date you've had?

JF: Oh my gosh, I won't use any names, but there's always this one that comes to mind. This one time this guy came to pick me up and he started talking about how he lost his wallet the night before, so I told him not to worry and I'd pay for everything. We went to eat and then watched a movie and the whole time he was saying, "I'll pay you back I promise." Why would you even pick me up if you asked me on a date and didn't have any money? I would much rather hear a car-trouble problem than for you to show up with no money!

2NR: I take it this was the first and last date with this guy?

JF: Oh yeah. He didn't pay me back, but I don't care. I thought that was just dumb, 'cause obviously if he lost his wallet the night before he could have gone to the bank the next day to withdraw some money. I'm not into guys with lots of money or anything, but if you ask me out on a first date, you shouldn't show up without money. He could have at least called me to schedule another time or something. Right when we got in the car he gave me his whole sob story.

2NR: What turns you on to a guy?

JF: This sounds weird, but shy guys. If I'm at a club and they are not paying attention to me I'll try and get their attention. If I'm all dressed up I'll walk by him and look at him a bunch of times just to see if he will talk to me. If that doesn't work then I'll show a little more cleavage! [laughs] I love the quiet, weird type. Sometimes this routine backfires and they are too shy to talk to me.

2NR: Sounds like you like the psycho-killer type!

JF: Oh yeah! No, I just like the shy types.

2NR: I would ask the real or fake but I'm pretty sure they are real, right?

JF: Yeah they're real. I just have to push them up more to make them look bigger.

2NR: 34Bs are a good size. The only reason I say that is because most girls either go to a C or D cup. So are there any last words you have?

JF: I want to say hi to my brother Jam, Lisa, Darla, Chad, Nancy, Lina, Laura and Matt.

2NR: Sorry, I can't let you do that.

Model: Jasmine Fox Li
Age: 23
Height: 5 ft
Weight: 104 lb
DOB: 12/6/78
Birth Place: Cambodia
Nationality: Cambodian
Measurements: 34B/23/34
Guy Turn ons: Intelligence, confidence, a tan, nice smile, quiet-shy weird guys
Guy Turn offs: Cheap dates, B.O., disrespect, rudeness, no style
Sports: Pool and volleyball
Ambitions: To graduate and become a skin therapist
Drop a Line @:;;;;
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