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Up Close and Personal: Illana Lesa

This is a first for Import Tuner, a phone interview! This month's model is Northern-Calif.-raised Illana Lesa. So why the phone interview? The main reason is Ms. Lesa, aka Ill Nana, has a schedule which puts her nimble body to work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. If she's not in New York doing music video shoots, she's in L.A. shooting for her Web site. Even doing a phone interview was next to impossible, considering she only had 30 minutes to tell me her life story. Well, we weren't able to get her entire life story, but we were able to get a feel for Illana, so to speak.

2NR: So, what's the deal on owning a strip club?
IL: I have friends that own a few different strip clubs, and I'm not even joking when I say if you find the right location you could bring in millions. No joke, it's a most lucrative business.

2NR: Something tells me you work at a strip club.
IL: No, I don't. I just know a lot of the owners in the L.A. area.

2NR: Sure...I guess I'll let you slide on that one. So, where would you like to eventually open one?
IL: I would eventually like to open one in Miami.

2NR: You said you need a guy that can make you laugh. Have you found that guy yet?
IL: I've found plenty of guys that can make me laugh, but I haven't found that guy who makes me feel special. I really need to find somebody that's understanding about my job. I travel so much and I'm away from home for weeks at a time. It's cool if he can travel with me every now and then, but there will be times when he can't go at all. He really needs to have a job and support himself.

2NR: That's true, you don't want him to live off your money. You're a fan of baseball, so who's your favorite team?
IL: I love baseball, but my main reason for that love is the Yankees. My dad grew up in New York and was a big-time Yankee fan, so my whole family became Yankee fans by default.

2NR: That's probably the one team I hate more than the Dodgers.
IL: I was raised a Yankee fan.

2NR: I could talk baseball all day with you, but I know you're in a hurry, so I'll make these last questions really quick. Real or fake?
IL: Oh god, fake! Come on now. (Laughs)

2NR: Top or bottom?
IL: I feel it's a 50/50 thing. I have to have both, I guess.

2NR: Favorite car?
IL: This is going to sound weird, but I really want a '64 drop-top Impala on Daytons. I've always wanted to be in a Dayton wheel ad--those are my favorite wheels. I did do an ad for KMC's Porn Star wheels.

2NR: Oh, you won't find any of those cars in this magazine. Favorite food?
IL: Filet mignon, medium rare with mushrooms, or any type of French cuisine.

2NR: Favorite fast-food restaurant that we're almost guaranteed to catch you at?
IL: Wahoo's Fish Tacos in Huntington Beach. I'm in there every week. Man, I wish I wasn't in New York because I could go for a fish taco right now.

2NR: Favorite music?
IL: Hip Hop!

2NR: Favorite movie?
IL: I love comedies, so it would have to be a toss up between "Meet the Parents"--'cause Ben Stiller is great and Robert De Niro is fabulous--or Tom Hanks' "Big."

2NR: Last question, what shows can we expect to see you at?
IL: Hot Import Nights for sure. As of right now I'm trying out for Miss Hot Import Nights, and if that works out, I'll be at all the Hot Import Nights for the 2003 season.

2NR: I guess we will see you there. OK, absolute last question. I still can't see you with a '64 Impala.
IL: I just think those cars are so cool. I don't think I would drive it, I would just keep it in the garage and admire it.

2NR: That'll do. Have fun in New York.

Illana Lesa
Age: 23
Height: 5 ft 1 in.
Weight: 105 lb
DOB: 2/18/79
Birth Place: Whittier, California
Nationality: Portuguese/French
Measurements: 32DD/22/34
Guy Turn-ons: A nice smile, a tan. Someone who's kind and sweet, has a sense of humor and knows how to have fun.
Guy Turn-offs: Bad hygiene; I hate guys that are dirty and have bad attitudes.
Ambitions: To own my own strip club one day.
Sports: I love watching baseball, but I enjoy bodyboarding, running and boxing.
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