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Amy Fay - That Girl

Text By: Luke Munnell, Staff, Photography by

Hair and makeup by: Linh T. Nguyen

Despite how much we’d all like to be considered the life of the party, few of us are. And if you’re not one of those naturally outgoing, outspoken, confident, witty, intriguing people—with just the right amount of verbal explosivity—you might end up stopping that party dead in its tracks if you try. Amy Fay doesn’t have to try. Even working alongside some of the prettiest faces in Southern California, her stand-out persona and flare lit up the room the first time we met. She’s the type of girl all the others love to hate, but one they end up loving all the same. She’s the girl all the guys want, but never have for too long. But this month, she’s ours.

[2NR] So first off, where are we?

[AF] At Caf Lu, in Westminster, CA.

Who are all these beautiful women serving us coffee?

They’re my co-workers. It’s a Vietnamese coffee shop, and we all wear bikinis and lingerie and sexy stuff all the time.

We’ve heard rumors that you’re Thai and French, oui?

No, I’m 100 percent Vietnamese, but I was born in a Thailand refugee camp. The only thing French about me is this. points to tattoo

And what does that say?

It’s French, for Love conquers all.

Got any more tattoos?

I have a Hello Kitty bow on my wrist that my cousin and I got together. I have to get it redone ’cause I went swimming the same day I had got it.

Nothing else? No hidden ones? We’re good explorers . . .

[laughs] No, that’s it. I used to have my tongue pierced.

And what happened to that?

My mom made steak the day I got it done and I couldn’t eat with it in, so I got rid of it. [laughs] I’m pretty easy-going with that stuff.

Sounds like it. We Internet-stalked the hell out of you for a good 15 minutes before this interview . . . Let’s talk about your Facebook, since you’re pretty easy-going about that, too.

Noooo! [hides face]

Oh yes! There are quite a few pics of you on there kissing other members of the female persuasion. Who are better kissers: guys or girls?

[Hesitates] Girls! [laughs] I think it’s because they know how we want to be kissed.

Kissing disaster story. Go:

OMG, there was this one guy who just . . . I dunno! Did the same thing over and over. Every time. Sooo boring! Guys need to be extra-good kissers.

Facebook Fact #2: You have a photo album called ASSS & TITTIESSS, and we’ve seen multiple status updates from you about having a sore ass and disco parties in your vagina. Please explain:

[laughs—hard!] I can’t believe you saw that! Yes, I do like to have fun with my Facebook. But my friends are mostly to blamethey hack the shit out of my profile any time I have people over and leave my laptop open.

Shenanigans. We love those. So waitdo you have a traditional Vietnamese name?

Of course! We all have one. Mine’s Mai-Thy, pronounced, my tee. [laughs] American kids used to always make fun of me for it, calling me my tits or whatever.

We’d call you Mai Tai, like the drink. Being only 19, what’s it like not to know what alcohol tastes like?

Sucks! I can’t wait. [sarcasm]

On that note, what’s the craziest party moment you don’t remember having?

Oh! We were having so much, um . . . fun at this club one time that I sat down for a second, put my head down, and just threw up everywhere! I don’t remember that, but all my girlfriends who had to carry me out always remind me of it.

Sounds like a lot of dri um, dancing!


What about Muay Thai? Are you a fighter?

No, but I did punch a guy in the face once! I’d rather not get into why . . .

Fair enough. ducks What does a guy have to do to totally blow it with you?

Be clingy! If I had a boyfriend, I could go a week without seeing him, no problem.

So what you’re saying is that you’re single?


By Luke Munnell, Staff
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