PowerPages: 1989 Nissan 240SX SR20DET

Text By Richard Fong

Dyno 2: K&N Typhoon Intake

Turbos need to take in air as quickly as possible. One of the limiting factors for the compressor is the intake. Nissan provides rubber intake plumbing with an airbox. K&N designed an intake pipe with an adapter for its trademark cone filter and the stock MAF sensor. Constructed of aluminum, the intake pipe is extremely lightweight and smoothes out the intake tract. The air filter has a large diameter base to help the turbo breathe as easily as possible. It definitely helped. Our peak power increased by 4.6 hp, but we realized as much as 7 hp between 6000 rpm and red line. Torque figures also increased by 2.1 lb-ft at the peak and by as much as 8 lb-ft between 6000 rpm and red line. You can really hear the turbo spool up with this intake system.

We made decent power so we have nothing to complain about.

The installation was a little tight, especially since the turbo sits low and close to the wall of the engine bay. Also, the intercooler took up a lot of space near the air filter. Different intercooler piping would have eased the installation.

10mm socket, 5/16 socket, extension, ratchet, 10mm combination wrench, pliers and Phillips screwdriver

Filter, filter adapter, intake pipe, hoses, hose clamps, instructions, hardware and bracket

Installation time
30 to 45 minutes

Air temperature at 74 degrees Fahrenheit
Temperature difference from previous run: -2.3 degrees Fahrenheit

2000 to 3500 HP range: -1 to 5
3500 to 5500 HP range: -3 to 6
5500 to red line HP range: 2 to 7

2000 to 3500 TQ range: -3 to 7
3500 to 5500 TQ range: -4 to 6
5500 to red line TQ range: 2 to 8

Peak HP: 168.1
Peak TQ: 167.9

By Richard Fong
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