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2006 Acura TSX - Power Pages

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Dyno 3: DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic Header
Peak HP 188.9 / Peak TQ 151.2

Horsepower Gain
1500 to 3500 HP range: 1 to -5
3500 to 5500 HP range: 3 to 12
5500 to redline HP range: 0 to 13

Torque Gain
1500 to 3500 TQ range: 2 to 7
3500 to 5500 TQ range: 2 to 13
5500 to redline TQ range: 0 to 10

Available in mild steel or with a ceramic coating, the 2004-2006 4-2-1 designed TSX header is a logical choice when deciding among the dozens of systems sold on the market today. DC Sports states that every ceramic-coated system is hand-painted to ensure an even application of coating. This coating serves its main purpose of maintaining the proper temperatures within the header primaries while warding away the rest of the engine components from thermal heat. The number one reason why we at 2NR value this header is that this two-piece system comes with a 50-state legal CARB approved certification and sticker you can proudly showcase as a middle finger to law enforcement when pulled over.

We were skeptical at first when we unsheathed the header from its package to reveal aluminum O-rings replacing the standard composite type gaskets. Our doubts were quickly put to sleep when the vehicle fired up without any exhaust leaks. Using two CNC machined O-rings to conjoin the two-piece system between the collector and one placed between the catalytic flange, the O-ring, similar to a crush washer was the sensible choice by DC Sports over the conventional paper gasket material that often deteriorates or blows out with increased pressure.

Exhaust, doughnut flange, bolts, silencer, instructions.

12- and14mm socket, 14mm open end, ratchet, extension, WD40 and anti seize

Installation time
130 minutes

The TSX picked up a peak of 5 horsepower using the DC header over our previous run on the intake. Although torque numbers at their peak remain nearly identical to its previous run, you'll notice with the new dyno graph that the TSX benefited from the header from 6000rpm to redline with an increase of 13hp and 10 lb-ft of torque over baseline. From 3400rpm to 4800rpm, the overall gain of 12 peak horsepower and 13 lb-ft of torque were recorded on the dyno. DC sports were true to their advertisement when claiming their TSX header was a glutton for midrange power and torque.

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