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2006 Acura TSX - Power Pages

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Dyno 4: Hondata Reflash
Peak HP 188.9 / Peak TQ 152.3

Horsepower Gain
1500 to 3500 HP range: 0 to 5
3500 to 5500 HP range: 2 to 23
5500 to redline HP range: 38 to 13

Torque Gain
1500 to 3500 TQ range: 0 to -8
3500 to 5500 TQ range: 3 to 23
5500 to redline TQ range: 34 to 8

The authoritative source in Honda and Acura aftermarket engine management, Hondata Inc. of Torrance, Calif. has recently released a custom reflash program for the Acura TSX. What is a Hondata reflash and what does it do? The factory ECU is reprogrammed/reflashed with a new VTEC window and more aggressive ignition timing and cam timing to optimize the overall powerband. The most sought after feature for the reflash is the newly optimized VTEC crossover point which now activates at 4850 rpm; decreased from the original 6000 rpm setting. The new VTEC setting along with custom tailored timing and cam timing has been carefully preprogrammed by Hondata to maximize the K24's horsepower potential. Regardless if the vehicle's engine is still in stock form or using aftermarket bolt-on products such as a header and intake, the Hondata reflash can deliver an increase in horsepower and torque.

Purchasing a Hondata reflash requires the vehicle owner to remove the factory ECU, immobilizer (located on the steering column), and one ignition key to properly reprogram the factory ECU. Yes, it might sound like a pain in the ass, but be forewarned that neglecting to include any of these parts when shipping out to a Hondata authorized dealer will only delay the reflash process. Reflashing your factory ECU will guarantee an increase in usable horsepower and torque, but it comes with a price. After installing the newly reflashed Hondata ECU, the initial reaction among many TSX owners is the car seems to have lost its "kick" and abrupt pitch change normally felt and heard at 6000rpm when the switchover from low cam to high cam lobes has taken place. While it's mentally disturbing not to hear the VTEC engage, it should be noted that dyno testing shows a major gain in both horsepower and torque when comparing the before and after.

Factory ECU

10mm socket, ratchet, extension, Phillips screwdriver, ECU removal instructions are found on Hondata website

Installation Time
1 to 2 days shipped and returned from Hondata authorized dealer. Simple plug-and-play process.

Don't be fooled by minimal peak horsepower and torque gains from our previous header install. If you carefully look at the dyno run, you'll be pleasantly surprised to notice the smoother, more linear horsepower and torque curve after installing the Hondata reflash. Notice that drop at 6000rpm where the previous VTEC crossover stumbled is now non-existent with a gain of 38hp and 34 lb-ft of torque over our baseline run. The TSX seemed to flourish with the Hondata reflash as the expanded RPM range from the factory 7300rpm to 7600rpm also benefited the Acura as the 2.4-liter engine continued to climb in horsepower and showed no signs of letting up.

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