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2006 Acura TSX - Power Pages

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Dyno 2: K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake
Peak HP 183.8 / Peak TQ 151.0

Horsepower Gain
1500 to 3500 HP range: -3 to 3
3500 to 5500 HP range: 5 to 7
5500 to redline HP range: 5 to 8

Torque Gain
1500 to 3500 TQ range: -4 to 10
3500 to 5500 TQ range: 6 to 13
5500 to redline TQ range: 5 to 8

If it's horsepower you crave, consider an air intake for your K-series engine. The easy-to-install K&N cold-air intake system is an affordable, yet effective modification that can yield some serious ponies under your hood. Sporting a highly polished aluminum exterior, the mandrel-bent construction reduces intake restriction that's often associated with the factory air box setup. A simple installation or removal of the two piece intake pipe can easily transform the Typhoon Air Intake System into either a short ram setup or a highly effective cold air intake system. We liked the fact that K&N stands 100 percent behind their products and offers a lifetime warranty to the vehicle's original owner and sports a 50-state CARB approved certification. Does the thought of climactic weather shower your head with doubts on purchasing a cold air intake? Fear not my friend. The K&N intake comes complete with a nylon fiber designed cover called a dry charger. The dry charger is installed over the K&N filter to safeguard against water and light sprinkles but don't be a fool and attempt to submerge your car underwater. It's a car, not a submarine

Installing the intake system does require the removal of the driver-side wheel and tire, under panel pieces, and some acrobatic stunts to squeeze your hands and fingers inside the cramped engine bay area. Although it's not the fault of K&N that the TSX was redesigned in 2006 with a small front bumper duct that proved to be a complete pain in the ass to remove, the cold-air kit does require the owner to take off the duct cover to access the reservoir box and bolts that reside under the bumper.

Performance filter, two-piece Typhoon intake tube, dry charger, brackets, washers, grommets, nuts and bolts, silicone hose, hose clamps, instructions, stickers, stud rubber mount.

10- and 12mm socket, 10mm-open end, ratchet, extension, swivel socket, screwdrivers and pliers

Installation Time
60 Minutes

A series of dyno pulls after installing the intake revealed the TSX had lost a maximum 3 horsepower and 7 lb-ft of torque from 2400 to 3000rpm. This is a common occurrence with any K24 engine that is equipped with an aftermarket intake. The reason behind the drop in horsepower was due to the aftermarket intake lacking the resonator found on the factory system. Even though horsepower did drop off at the earlier stages of the pull, the K&N intake had made up for the loss by gaining a consistent 5hp from 3100 to 3700rpm. Torque figures at the same range were valued at an increase of 5 to 7 lb-ft of torque. The K&N intake had worked its magic on the TSX as power gains were recorded across the board from 3100rpm to redline.

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