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FRAM Xtended Guard Oil Filter
FRAM Xtended Guard oil filters feature a two-ply, synthetic media that traps and holds more than twice the dirt of economy filters. Each filter uses a metal screen reinforcement to help achieve uniform construction for increased durability, and delivers up to 10,000 miles of engine protection, providing the highest longevity in the FRAM filter lineup.

NTCL Sports Thermostat
NTCL low-temp thermostats have been successfully used in a wide range of motorsports, including American Le Mans and the WRC. NTLC thermostats ensure that coolant flows through at specific intervals, versus ordinary thermostats that allow large, unrestricted volumes of coolant to flow, resulting in "hunting"-dramatic changes in water temperature which can cause erratic engine behavior.

Toda K20a Heavy Duty Timing Chain
Toda's Heavy Duty Timing Chain offers increased durability compared to the standard Honda timing chain, using larger plate and pin diameters to improve strength and reduce chain stretch. Toda chains are engineered using an advanced punch manufacturing process to reduce edge burrs, thus reducing friction and for smoother chain operation and increased lifespan. Even cooler, specific links are anodizod to identify cam/crank timing points.

Nitrous Outlet Plug-And-Play Harness
Nitrous Outlet offers the world's first plug-and-play nitrous harness, designed to significantly reduce installation time, while minimizing excessive wire clutter. The harness uses Delphi connectors to provide a clean, factory-look install, controlling up to a two-stage nitrous system, nitrous controller, bottle heater, purge, fuel pressure safety switch, remote bottle opener, and optional output for a dedicated fuel system. Each kit is also designed to work in conjunction with the Nitrous Outlet dual-stage window switch or digital progressive controller.

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