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1999 Honda Civic EX - Power Pages

The Dyno Doesn't Lie

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1999 Honda Civic EX

Owner: KY LE (no, not "kyle")
Dyno And Facility: SP Engineering Dynojet
Installation: Scott Tsuneishi


The sixth generation ('96-'00) Civic CX-EX models were built as economical, fuel efficient vehicles in the late '90s, while Honda engineers had a more performance-oriented outlook for its brother, the 160hp B16A2-powered Civic Si. Although the 1.6-liter D16Y power plant delivers a meager factory-rated 127 horsepower, performance enthusiasts have built the SOHC engine to more than 500 whp.

With this year marking the 14th anniversary of the sixth-generation Civic, these unheralded warriors continue to flood our cities and highways as the vehicle of choice for both young and old. Unfortunately, many of these cars have accumulated over 200K miles on the odometer and require regular maintenance to keep them running in top condition.

Before strapping the Civic on the dyno, we performed routine maintenance, including an oil change and spark plug check/replacement. In stock trim, the SOHC VTEC powered 103.3 hp and 92.0 lb-ft of torque through the Civic's hub cap-clad wheels.

Greddy TI-C Cat-Back Exhaust

Greddy's Ti-C cat-back exhaust system combines both looks and performance, using 60mm stainless piping, a polished stainless steel muffler, and a titanium heat-treated tip. The Ti-C exhaust delivers an increase in high- and mid-range performance, while maintaining sub-94db levels when used with the included tri-mounted silencer.

The catalytic converter's nuts and bolts required plenty of WD-40 before attempting to remove them, as corrosion managed to fuse them shut. Upon installing the new exhaust system, we found adjusting the mid-pipe and canister before tightening the bolts helped to keep the exhaust tip from precariously resting on the factory bumper.

Muffler section, intermediate section, tip, silencer, hardware, instructions, decals

10-, 12-, 14- and 17mm sockets, 10-, 12-, 14- and 17mm open-end wrenches, ratchet, extension, WD-40, and anti-seize.

Installation Time
60 minutes

Dyno testing the exhaust revealed an increase in hp and torque throughout the power band, with a peak gain of 3.2 hp and 2.6 lb-ft of torque, along with a healthy performance gain from 3,500 rpm to redline.

K&N High Flow Direct-Fit Air Filter
Blox 66MM Throttle Body

The K&N direct-fit air filter utilizes an oiled element made of multiple interwoven layers of surgical cotton gauze to increase airflow, while providing excellent filtration. Each panel filter kit is designed to fit stock air boxes for ease of installation, and comes with K&N's limited million-mile warranty.

Blox Racing billet throttle bodies are available in various sizes ranging from 66mm to 76mm for the Honda and Acura D-, B-, and H-series engines. Blox throttle bodies feature brass throttle plates, stiffer throttle springs, and sealed bearings for smooth operation. The larger-than-OEM design offers an increase in airflow, resulting in increased horsepower and torque.

While we had no qualms with the removal of the old filter and effortless installation of the new K&N panel filter, the Blox 66mm throttle body required more patience to install. The new billet piece necessitated repositioning the factory throttle cable bracket closer to the throttle body in order to reduce cable tension and high-rpm idle, along with sourcing a rubber cap to seal off a vacuum port which wasn't used with our specific engine.

K&N Filter Panel: Panel filter, sticker, warranty card Blox Throttle Body: Throttle body, gasket, TPS sensor, installation hardware, stickers

10- and 12mm sockets, ratchet, extension, screwdriver, 8-, 10-, and12mm Allen-wrenches, pliers, Teflon tape, vacuum cap

Installation Time
60 minutes

A quick spin on the dyno revealed the new intake filter and throttle body combination helped to eliminate the loss in power and torque experienced from 2,000 rpm to 3,000 rpm from our previous dyno run. The combination netted a peak gain of 2.3 hp and 1.1 lb-ft of torque over our baseline numbers. The new intake combination increased both horsepower and torque throughout the powerband, as the 1.6-liter engine saw a consistent gain of 2 hp and 3 lb-ft torque from 3,800-4,800 rpm.

DC Sports 4-2-1 Stainless-Steel Header

The DC Sports 4-2-1 header is available in both polished T-304 stainless-steel and ceramic-coated versions. A two-piece, 4-2-1 design enables exhaust pulses to create additional horsepower from mid-range to top-end, to suit both daily driven and raced vehicles.

Removing the factory header from an 11-year-old vehicle can become painstaking, as many of the nuts and bolts are rusted and difficult to remove. Be sure to use the proper tools and plenty of lubricant when removing each bolt-stripping or snapping them will extend your installation time.

Header, hardware, gasket, plug-in O2 sensor wire extension, CARB sticker, instructions, stickers

10-, 12-, 14- and 17mm sockets, 21mm O2 sensor socket, swivel, open-end wrenches, extension, breaker bar, wire cutter, anti seize, WD-40.

Installation Time
80 minutes

With the DC header bolted into place, the Civic made its largest gains of the day, dynoing at 6.1 hp and 4.2 lb-ft of torque over our previous run, with the largest gains taking place from 5,300 rpm to redline.

HP Level +HP TQ Level +TQ
BASELINE 103.3 92.0
GREDDY TI-C EXHAUST 106.5 3.2 94.6 2.6
K&N FILTER / BLOX TB 108.8 2.3 95.8 1.2
DC SPORTS 4-2-1 HEADER 114.3 5.5 98.1 2.3
FINAL 114.3 11.0 98.1 6.1

Testing our '99 Civic EX with these basic bolt-on products managed to net us a gain of 11.0 hp and 6.1 lb-ft of torque over our baseline run. It might not seem like much, but these modifications serve more to pave the way for future mods like head work, fuel management, an aggressive cam and larger intake manifold, nitrous, etc, which would help this single-slammer's power rival that of built B-series mills for about a quarter of the price. And taking out a worked Type R with an SOHC Civic? You can't put a price on that.

DC SPORTS 4-2-1 HEADER $517.09
MSRP Total $1,594.14
Blox Racing
42726 Albrae Street
CA  94538
GReddy Performance Products
9 Vanderbilt
CA  92618
K&N Filters
1455 Citrus Street
CA  92507
DC Sports
768 S. Turnbull Canyon Rd
City of Industry
CA  91746
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