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Bionic Commando 2, Dragon Age II, Sorcery, Fight Night Champion, Crysis 2 - House Arrest

Crysis 2
10 While its acclaimed predecessor raised the bar for PC visuals, this long-awaited sequel follows suit on console systems as well. Battling for survival against alien invaders in the war-ravaged remnants of New York, mash the trigger till your fingers go numb as intelligent opponents actively work to flank and outmaneuver you. Surprisingly challenging, even a futuristic body suit and special powers that help you silently off adversaries do little to even the odds. Chintzy storyline aside, the title’s aim proves right on target.
Electronic Arts / / PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2
Available as a digital download from the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade, this enjoyable sequel to the top-selling original (and 1988 NES classic) proves worth its weight in biomechanical limbs. Credit the controversial new addition of a jump button, fresh support for equipping optional items like a grenade launcher, and a mix of furious battles and puzzle solving. Once again casting you as a cyborg with a grappling-hook arm, you get to blast or swing your way to glory over enemies’ candy-colored corpses.
Capcom / / PS3, Xbox 360

Dragon Age II
Revisits the gritty fantasy role-playing world, providing a much-needed visual makeover and dozens of original branching storylines that unfold based on your individual actions. Besides numerous new sword and sorcery adventures to uncover over a decade-long tale, it also delivers snappier combat against some of the sickest monstrosities ever seen outside of a Dungeons & Dragons monster manual. Better scriptwriting, dialogue, and cinematography also prove highlights, ensuring you’ll gladly get in touch with your geekier side for days on end.
Electronic Arts / / PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Casts a surprisingly addictive spell, putting you in the boots of a magician and employing the PlayStation Move to strikingly good use as a wand you can physically wave to conjure up magical effects. A more natural illustration of the motion-sensing accessory’s potential than shooters like SOCOM 4, it also literally provides entertainment with the flick of a wrist. While closet Harry Potter fans are the obvious target audience, options to transform into legendary beasties and hurl flames at will should keep casual bystanders engaged.
Sony / / PS3

Fight Night Champion
Tenderize opponents to a fine paste with a boxing simulation so unflinchingly brutal that it’s the first EA Sports game ever to earn itself an M for Mature rating. Darker and grimmer than previous franchise installments, help an embattled bruiser find redemption while employing vicious jabs, hooks, and uppercuts to flatten the competition. An improved control scheme powers more photorealistic dodges and counterattacks, with devastating combos, lifelike wounds, and cameos by Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali making it a satisfying main event.
EA Sports / / PS3, Xbox 360

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