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Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV, and Splinter Cell Conviction - Widgets

Lost Planet 2 ■■■■□
A slicker ode to Starship Troopers than the weak-ass blaster bearing its official license, this sci-fi run-n-gun opus-sending you on bug hunts through steaming jungles and parched deserts-never fails to wow. Thank pitched battles that see one to four players cooperatively leveling machine gun, robotic suit, or RPG against grotesquely-rendered insects the size of small car parks. So testosterone-soaked, the game even features cameos by Gears of War's Marcus and Dom, and its titanic boss battles are the stuff of pest control legend.
Capcom / / PS3, Xbox 360

Super Street Fighter IV ■■■◧□
Heaven by the LCD light for anyone who spent their wayward teen years stacking quarters in scummy arcades. Think old-school, one-on-one martial arts action, only now with additional hand-drawn characters including returning series vets like T. Hawk, plus newcomers such as femme fatale Juri. Also among its crop of fresh extras: Car-crushing bonus stages and original play modes, i.e. eight-man team battles. Play for the ink-spraying mix of button-mashing mayhem and measured strategy. Stay for its smack-talking multiplayer potential.
Capcom / / PS3, Xbox 360

Splinter Cell: Conviction ■■■■◧
Cautiously hugging the shadows not your style? Check this stealth-action epic's countless other cool parlor tricks, ranging from the ability to tag multiple objects or enemies for shooting in quick succession, to options for brutally interrogating captured rivals. A briskly-moving cinematic tale that follows rogue agent Sam Fisher's attempts to investigate his daughter's murder, its dark tone and tense fire fights skillfully bridge the gap between crazed assault and taut thriller. As such, it's one suicide mission in which you'll gladly enlist.
UbiSoft / / PC, Xbox 360

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