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Damn It These Are Dope

Alan Wake ■■■◧□
Feeling paranoid? It's a common sensation in a town where, as a psychologically tormented suspense novelist, your own nightmares leap off the pages and come to life. Fear the shadows: That's the lesson taught as you stroll, flashlight in hand, through gloomy glens and over creaking floorboards, waiting for creatures hidden in the darkness to strike. While its blend of taut suspense and underwear-filling scares won't be for everyone, this harrowing adventure nevertheless manages to qualify as worth a peek, if only to satisfy your morbid curiosity.
Microsoft / / Xbox 360

Red Dead Redemption ■■■■◧
Offering a tip of the ten-gallon hat to Grand Theft Auto, this sprawling Western transports familiar open-world action/adventure archetypes to America's uncharted frontier. Hoofing it on foot or horse as former outlaw John Marston, it's off into the sunset you go, traversing lifelike badlands filled with rampaging grizzlies, runaway trains, and ramshackle towns. From stagecoach chases to saloon shootouts, expect an epic tale of greed and gunplay that's guaranteed to satisfy even those who gag at the thought of a visit to Golden Corral.
Rockstar Games / / PS3, Xbox 360

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