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Damn It These Are Dope

Dead to Rights: Retribution ■■□□□
Score one for absurdity-this is the first game we've ever seen that lets you play a crotch-biting dog awarded "scrotality" props for snacking on thugs' genitals in grisly fashion. As for the rest of it, which sees rogue cop Jack Slate clearing rooms with bone-crunching melee moves and gore-spraying, slow-motion gunplay while spouting the crappiest one-liners known to man, well . . . when it comes to shamelessly ripping off every film noire cliché in the book, let's just say that this one's guilty as charged.
Namco Bandai / / PS3, Xbox 360

Split/Second ■■■◧□
A high-stakes arcade racer with a twist: Rack up enough juice by making last-minute skids or heart-pounding drifts, and you can cause background elements to explode or come tumbling down on opponents. Whether riding solo or squaring off against live online adversaries, its knockout challenges and white-knuckle sprints prove as much about toppling towers on rivals' heads as crossing the finish line first. Despite an air of predictability due to canned set pieces, consider it good for the occasional jaw-dropping fender-bender.
Disney / / PC, PS3, Xbox 360

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