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APB and Dead Rising 2 - House Arrest

Damn it these are dope.

Dead Rising 2 ■■■■□
Offering a tip of the hat to Dawn of the Dead's zombie-squishing setup and campy attitude, this gonzo gorefest moves its setting from out of the mall and onto a fictional, Las Vegas-style strip. Using a variety of household objects combinable in multiple ways (see: chainsaw-equipped dirt bikes, homemade propane bombs), shoot, slice, or saw your way through legions of shuffling corpses. Surprisingly entertaining, it's a great source of stress relief, and a solid fit for anyone who loves straight-to-DVD movies.
Capcom / / PS3, Xbox 360

APB ■■■◧□
Think Saint's Row, only on a massively multiplayer online scale. Courtesy of Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones, wet up rival crews in a sprawling fictional metropolis, or go for joyrides as a reprieve from virtual gangbangin'. Allowing scrawny white guys to pimp out a squad of heavily-armed goons, score fictional street cred and realize their every rap video fantasy, well... Let's just say it's a solid fit for suburbanites who can't resist singing along with "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta."
Electronic Arts / / PC

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