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K&N High-Flow Intake System ’13 Scion FR-S/ Subaru BRZ

The K&N High-Flow Intake System for the ’13 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ replaces the original intake assembly, including the airbox, filter, and intake tube with an all-new intake design. The intake system draws air through a K&N high-flow air filter that increases airflow and never needs to be replaced. Protecting the cone-shaped air filter and isolating it from engine heat is a powdercoated heat shield that replaces the stock airbox. The same K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty backs the kit as well as all K&N OE replacement air filters.

K&N Filters

Heat Shield HP Sticky Shield

HP Sticky Shield offers the ultimate way to stop heat from radiating into the drivers compartment of your ride. Made from a dense layer of 1⁄8-inch fiberglass insulation shielded by a rugged layer of .003-inch-thick aluminum, HP Sticky Shield is applied by simply peeling and sticking the adhesive to any clean surface (not recommended for unfinished fiberglass or carbon). The shield is the perfect radiant heat shield for transmission tunnels, mufflers, catalytic converters, DPFs, turbos, downpipes, and exhaust system heat, and is capable of shielding over 90 percent of heat.

Heatshield Products

Scosche controlFreq Car Stereo Controller

Scosche’s newly introduced controlFreq car stereo receiver and app transforms a smartphone into a wireless touchscreen remote control and display for the car stereo, allowing users to stream their favorite tunes from their phone or Bluetooth-enabled device. The universally compatible receiver can also play music via a USB port, SD card slot, front AUX port, or iPod direct control in addition to the more common AM/FM RDS–enabled tuner and CD player. Users can easily change between tracks; optimize sound performance with integrated EQ presets, bass/treble and balance/fader controls; and quickly switch between various sources for a seamless media experience.

800.363 .4490

Royal Purple Maxfilm Spray Lube

Maxfilm’s high film strength, multipurpose, synthetic lubricant/penetrant is ideal for loosening stuck parts, such as nuts, bolts, hinges, and locks; lubricating power tools, open gears, guns, and rollers; preserving parts in storage; and can even be used as a tapping fluid. Maxfilm relies on a carbon dioxide propellant to deliver its solvent and lubricant mixture. The resulting dry film won’t collect dirt or dust, and avoids the gelling or gumming that can happen with certain mineral-based products for long-lasting protection against wear, rust, and corrosion.

Royal Purple

KW 2-way Clubsport coilover suspension for ’13 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

KW Suspensions announces their two-way Clubsport coilover for the ’13 Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, which were developed for the enthusiast who requires a more aggressive setup for racetrack events with mild street use. The Clubsport is outfitted with high-quality racing top mounts, increased spring rates, and tuned valving. The suspension design offers a unique recessed racing top mount that maximizes suspension travel for the utmost in performance handling. All applications feature adjustable (and independent reacting) rebound and compression damping for a personalized performance driving setup and stainless steel construction internally and externally, which provides long-term durability and corrosion resistance from the elements.

KW Automotive North America

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