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February/March 2014 Power  Gear

Exposing The New Hotness

Boomba Racing Evo X Hybrid Intake Manifold

Designed to maximize airflow, the Boomba X Hybrid intake manifold improves performance by removing the restrictive OEM 65mm inlet and replacing it with a 75mm billet aluminum adapter. The Boomba piece still utilizes the factory manifold's plenum and runners but with the flexibility of now accepting a larger throttle body, which also includes Boomba Racing's 75mm throttle body.

Boomba Racing Inc.

Craftsman Extreme Suction XSP Wet/Dry Vacuums

Craftsman brand introduces its line of XSP (Extreme Suction Performance) wet/dry vacuums, with various gallon capacity and peak horsepower (HP) performance. The new Craftsman XSP vacuums feature innovative motor technology and airflow design that have been proven to have more suction power when compared to competitive brands.


H3R Universal Fire Extinguisher Mount

H3R Performance is offering their newest product that enables consumers to easily mount a fire extinguisher in front of an automobile seat. This fully adjustable fire extinguisher seat mount installs easily in most vehicles, attaching to the seat rail bolts or above the sliders of the driver or front passenger seats. Not only does this make the extinguisher easy to access but it eliminates the need to drill mounting holes. Attaching the assembly above the sliders, where possible, allows it to move with the seat when it is adjusted. The patents-pending mounts are made from lightweight, durable aluminum and available in black (model SM01BK) or brushed (model SM01BR) finishes. The product accepts all H3R Performance fire extinguisher quick-release billet aluminum and standard mounting brackets.

H3R Performance Inc.

Alpine CDE-147BT CD receiver

Alpine Electronics is revolutionizing in-car sound tuning with the launch of the Alpine TuneIt app. This unique app is compatible with the new CDE-147BT CD receiver with advanced Bluetooth wireless technology. The CDE-147BT offers full Pandora Internet radio control from Android and iPhone smartphones, allowing users to create new Pandora stations, rate songs with thumbs up or down, and bookmark songs for later purchase. The rear USB port allows for high-speed USB connections to music libraries stored on an iPod, iPhone, or USB drive. Basic control of iPhone apps is also available through the App Direct Mode, which displays available metadata on the CDE-147BT's screen.

Alpine Electronics

Fidanza Performance Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S Flywheel

Fidanza Performance announces the release of their performance flywheel for the '12-and-newer Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S 2.0-liter. The flywheel is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum for optimum weight reduction and tensile strength, delivering faster acceleration, quicker throttle response and long-lasting durability. Not only is it designed to work with any stock-style performance or OE clutch, but it's also offered with Fidanza's first ever Qwik-Rev kit (lightweight flywheel and clutch combo. The Qwik-Rev Kit offers a stouter redesigned flywheel matched with a higher performance, heavier duty clutch for turbocharged or supercharged cars making serious horsepower and torque. Each flywheel also features Fidanza's famous replaceable clutch friction surface for unlimited rebuild capability and optimum cost savings.

Fidanza Performance

Kraftwerks BRZ/FRS/FT86 Supercharger System

Kraftwerks announces the release of a brand-new intercooled supercharger system for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. A Rotrex C30-94 powers the kit, which is the same supercharger proven successful in the Kraftwerks '06-13 Honda Civic Si system.

At 9 psi of boost pressure, the supercharger system is a simple bolt-on installation that requires no cutting, drilling, or welding and produces an impressive +80 whp on 91-octane through the OEM headers and exhaust, and +125 whp on E85 through Skunk2 headers and exhaust. The kit was designed to easily upgrade to the larger C38 Rotrex, capable of handling 700 hp. The kit is sold with or without tuning options.

Skunk2 Racing

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