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SPA Turbo Hyundai Genesis Turbo Exhaust Manifold

Finally, there’s an easier way to quickly add power to your Hyundai Genesis coupe with the introduction of SPA Turbo USA’s new 2.0L T3 turbo exhaust manifold. This manifold is built for long-lasting durability with an OE-style casting, which provides protection from weld cracks, flange warp, and tube rust commonly associated with tubular manifolds. Engineered to accept turbochargers utilizing the common T3 turbine inlet flange, it provides an easier way to bolt on power without resorting to handmade and costly tubular manifolds. The two-bolt universal external wastegate flange works with most popular 35/38mm wastegates manufactured by SPA, Tial, Turbo Smart, Turbonetics, and Synapse.


Phoenix Systems V-12 Brake Bleeder

The easy-to-use Phoenix Systems V-12 Brake Bleeder provides a smooth pump action and a rubber grip for increased comfort and handling to inexpensively perform RFI, vacuum/pressure bleeding, and master cylinder bench bleeding. The handle and body are made of high-strength Zytel (glass-reinforced nylon), which imparts metal-like strength while retaining lightweight comfort. The V-12 ergonomic design is compact and comfortable to use. The V-12 was also designed to be compatible with all types of brake fluids including DOT 3, 4, 5, and synthetic blends.

Phoenix Systems

Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuelab takes the guesswork out of fuel delivery with the introduction of their newly released electronic fuel pressure regulator that works directly with their Prodigy line of fuel pumps to reduce heat buildup and vaporlock conditions related to street/strip operation. Simply set the pressure mechanically like a traditional bypass regulator, and then let the electronic regulator’s demand-based speed control take care of the rest. The Fuelab electronic fuel pressure regulator generates a signal to the Prodigy pump, to control the return line flow rate. This feature reduces current draw while at low engine output to prevent fuel overheating that leads to fuel system failure.


Kicker DX600.5 Hybrid Amplifier

Kicker DX-Series multi-channel amplifiers give the listener a choice of installation configurations, including the 5-channel hybrid with a 300W subsection. The DX600.5 is rated at 75 watts by 4 channels with internal electronic crossovers and Kick EQ Bass Boost for precision tuning. The high-power, mono-channel subwoofers use high-efficiency Class D power, offering a 12dB/octave low-pass electronic crossover variable from 50 to 200 Hz and up to +12 dB of bass boost centered at 40 Hz, and is remote capable with the ZXRC sold separately.


Bolt Boys Spikes

Bolt Boys by Downstar has come up with a solution for giving your engine bay that extra edge. These menacing-looking spikes replace many of the nuts under your hood that have been previously unscrewed. The Bolt Boys spikes come in a variety of popular sizes that will work on your valve cover, struts, intake/exhaust manifold, fuel rail, and many other applications. Not only do these spikes give your engine bay that unique look, they also allow you to upgrade certain parts of your bay that are commonly overlooked.


Pioneer STEEZ

Pioneer announces the launch of their new Steez range of portable music dance systems, which have been designed to help dancers practice and perfect techniques. There are three models in the new Steez range: Solo, Duo, and Crew, which are equipped with essential dance features, including temporal control, eight-beat skip, dance cue, and an auto DJ mode. All three systems incorporate an “auto battle mode” that enables you to create a battle sequence complete with a countdown timer, which is displayed on the player’s LCD screen. Which then provides prompts by both voice and homes to indicate when there are 10 seconds left of music, before the next user needs to jump in.


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