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Wilwood Pro Series Brake Kit

Wilwood Engineering introduces a front disc brake kit for the ’95-05 Mazda Miata sports car that features the latest in disc brake technology for improved performance. The kit features forged billet Dynalite calipers that can be ordered in Platinum-E or red powdercoating and the buyer’s choice of standard, or drilled and slotted rotors. The complete kit comes with calipers, aluminum rotor adapters, rotors, caliper brackets, BP-10 brake pads, and all of the hardware required to finish the installation.

Wilwood Engineering

SSR Professor MS3/MS3R

The Professor MS3/MS3R is the newest addition to the SSR wheel lineup to be released in spring 2012. The wheels consist of a three-piece construction and are offered in widths from 7 to 13.5 inches (stepped lip), and 5.5 to 12 inches (reverse lip). The wheels are also available in a large offset range. The newest Professor wheels utilize HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture) technology during the manufacturing process, which heat-treat the wheels to increase their strength, resulting in a wheel that is lighter and stronger—ideal for race cars and street cars.

SSR Wheels

Turbosmart Vee-Port Pro

Redesigned from the ground up, the new Vee-Port Pro is 20 percent smaller and 33 percent lighter than its predecessor, making it ideal for custom installs in tight spots and for those seeking a weight advantage. The BOV features unique high-flow ports and a new piston design to provide quicker response and better sealing capabilities. Additional features include a V-band clamp for mechanical fastening to the weld flange, optimized spring for greater adjustability, and a 360-degree swivel vacuum fitting. The unit is available in either blue or black caps.

Turbosmart USA

PIAA Silencio X-TRM Silicone Wiper Blades

PIAA-USA introduces a new line of premium flat wiper blades with key applications for high-end vehicles. The new PIAA Silencio X-TRM Silicone Wiper Blade series is the latest addition to PIAA’s high-performance wiper blades. PIAA Silencio X-TRM incorporates a patented water-repellant silicone rubber formulation that delivers improved and longer-lasting wiper performance. It also provides an OEM fit and features a radius design that is precise to OEM specifications.


Pioneer AppRadio 2

Pioneer continues to bring you the latest in-car technology with its AppRadio 2, the next generation smartphone-powered audio system that can be used with an iPhone and now an Android. The unit is compatible with many of the latest Android smartphones equipped with either the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) or a micro HDMI connection. The AppRadio 2 features a large 7-inch capacitive touch screen, enabling control of supported functions using similar touch-and-motion gestures of the connected smartphone device, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling, an input for an optional vehicle-mounted rear-facing backup camera, an input for interfacing with the vehicle’s steering wheel controls, and two sets of pre-amp outputs for connection to external amplifiers.

Pioneer Electronics

Satechi Soundfly View

Satechi announces the availability of the Soundfly View Bluetooth FM transmitter for hands-free calling and wirelessly streaming music. The Soundfly View features an informative but non-obtrusive LCD screen, which simply plugs into your car’s 5V port to display caller and music information from any compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone via car stereo. The Soundfly View has a Voice Dial feature, which allows for hands-free calling and can activate Siri on the iPhone 4S. Additional features include an SD card slot for music storage, built-in microphone, and 3.5mm audio input and output jacks compatible with most mobile devices. The device also includes a fully functional remote and integrated controls to answer/end calls, adjust volume, change frequency, play/pause, fast-forward and rewind, shuffle/repeat or bookmark favorite songs.


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