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Gain Over 60 Horsepower For Your VQ35DE

SSV Extreme Flow Kinetix Manifold

Photography by Kinetix Racing

There's something about the Nissan 350Z and its VQ35DE powerplant that car enthusiasts can appreciate. Whether it's the sporty look that seems to be lost in this day and age of horrid hybrid vehicles, or the longitudinally mounted V-6 engine ripping a respectable 287 hp, you've got to love the Z.

Kinetix Racing of Santa Ana, Calif., didn't need to second-guess the VQ35DE's potential as they quickly worked out a master plan, developing an intake manifold that would revolutionize the import world forever. Working behind closed doors for more than a year, Kinetix tested and designed a manifold worthy of its name. Their hard work paid off as their long awaited and highly anticipated SSV (stainless steel velocity) Extreme Flow Manifold was finally complete. The finished product was a complete replacement of both the upper and lower factory plenums that delivered exceptional horsepower for both naturally aspirated and turbo application vehicles.

Take a good look at the VQ's upper and lower factory OEM intake manifold as it will reveal numerous sharp turns and obstructions that impede the flow of air. While engineers at Nissan developed the factory intake system to promote good engine response, they were faced with two limiting factors. One was optimizing fuel economy and emissions while the other was overall space due to a cramped engine bay. These limitations caused Nissan to develop an unusual intake manifold design that unfortunately caused air restriction and starvation to the intake runners.

Kinetix Racing took what they knew best and addressed this problem by engineering their manifold using a straight shot design, eliminating the twists, turns, and obstructions freeing up the airflow. Unique to the SSV manifold is the equal length runners with built-in velocity stacks, incorporated for improved performance, maximum plenum efficiency and improved airflow. This increase in overall plenum volume enables the SSV to deliver exceptional horsepower gains throughout the entire powerband.

What's the best part about the Kinetix SSV manifold? "Knowing it's a simple do- it-yourself project that takes less a 2 hours and will work with any aftermarket intake," says Robert Jamison, owner of Kinetix and the man credited with designing the SSV manifold. Each manifold is supplied with all necessary hardware and instructions and features an additional port for a boost gauge, or other various applications.

Kinetix Racing Pricewise
1026 Fuller St.
Santa Ana
CA  92701
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