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Honda Civic B18 Cams Install - Now You Know It- Back To The Basics

Honda B-Series Camshaft Install How To

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To truly unleash the power of any B-series engine, installing aftermarket camshafts become a necessity. Whether you're looking for improved midrange power for your daily driven Civic, or hoping to unleash that B18C monster with a set of high lift and duration bumpsticks at 10,000 rpm, knowing how to install a set of camshafts and adjustable sprockets is an invaluable tool that can benefit the more advanced mechanics and newer novice enthusiasts alike. We at 2NR can well relate to humble beginnings when we first learned of how to install camshafts many years ago. We would like to pass on to our readers a comprehensive step-by-step analysis on how to install a fresh set of Skunk2 turbo camshafts and Skunk2 adjustable cam sprockets in your ride. So put on your reading glasses and ingest all the information you're about to read!

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