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Project Honda S2000 - Part 2

Suspension Upgrades and iVTEC

Text By , Photography by Henry DeKuyper,

DME Reinforced Differential Mounts

The factory oil-filled rear differential mounts degrade and crack over time due to age and/or driving conditions. In comparison to the OEM differential mounts, the DME differential mount kit features higher durometer rubber that reduces differential flex, which improves power delivery to the wheels.

Anti-Bumpsteer Kit

Bumpsteer is caused by the angle of the steering linkage (inner and outer rod ends) being different than the angle of the lower control arms, and is a common occurrence on lowered vehicles. As the wheel and tire assembly move on the pavement, the difference of the two angles causes the tie rod assembly to become longer and/or shorter, causing a toe-in or toe-out condition, which makes the car suddenly pull from one side to the other. Using the DME bumpsteer kit helped return the steering tie rods to their optimal setting while eliminating the quirky vehicle movement we experienced when driving over bumps and/or making turns.

Evasive Motorsports Halfshaft Spacers

Any time you lower a car, the vehicle’s driveshaft angle changes (depending how much you lower your car), creating an unwanted gap in between the driveshaft roller and spider gear inside the driveshaft. This gap causes the inboard joint to move back and forth, causing stress binding and premature wear. For those very same reasons, we installed a set of Evasive Motorsports aluminum halfshaft spacers to eliminate the gap and increase component lifespan.

Engine Modifications

DC Sports Cold-Air Intake

The DC Sports Cold-Air Intake uses a two-piece design to locate the filter away from the engine bay, allowing cooler outside air to flow into the filter. The kit includes an air filter that requires no oil, therefore eliminating any chance of contaminating the intake pipe or manifold with unwanted oil residue.

Okada Project Plasma Direct Coil Packs

Okada Project Plasma Direct coil packs use a high-power amplifier built into the unit to increase spark current by two times that of the original equipment. The Okada Project coil packs replaced our factory ignition coil system to increase ignition output and supply greater combustion efficiency—two important features we deemed necessary as we attempt to squeeze every last bit of power out of our 2.2L engine.

DC Sport Header

The DC Sports 4-2-1 one-piece header is manufactured using 409 stainless steel alloy, and is robotically TIG welded and finished in a corrosion-resistant ceramic coating. The DC header’s equal-length primary piping ensures more power throughout the rpm range, and we plan to mate it to a custom 3-inch exhaust system. The header weighs 10 pounds compared to the 22lb OEM unit.

Pure Power Oil Filter

The Pure Power filter, made from 6061 T6 CNC machined forged billet aluminum, is marketed to be 90 percent more efficient than paper or cellulose filters at removing particulates (10 microns and smaller is the size generally considered to be most harmful to engines). The filter can also be cleaned with soap and water and reused due to its stainless steel, dual-woven media filter element. Two Neodymium magnets, located on each side of the filter media, capture metal contaminants that could otherwise harm your engine.

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